K.J. Wright spent last week getting playfully ribbed by teammates and coaches for failing to come up with any of three potential interceptions he had his hands on against Miami.

But he also vowed that he wouldn’t let it happen again.

Seahawks 27, Vikings 26


And Sunday night against Minnesota, he came up with one of the biggest plays of the game, a leaping, twisting interception of an underthrown Kirk Cousins pass in the third quarter that led to a Seattle touchdown.

Cousins was trying to loft it over Wright to Justin Jefferson, but Wright used all of his 6-foot-4 height to snare this one.

“After K.J. missed a couple balls last week to make that catch and do the full Spiderman thing that he does, that was remarkable,’’ Carroll said.

Spiderman is Wright’s nickname for his height and length, but this time it could also mean for his ability to snare the ball.


Wright, asked if he spent all week working on the jugs machine, laughed and said no.

“I hit the tennis balls (machine) with (defensive coordinator Ken) Norton,’’ Wright said. “We did it Wednesday and Thursday. He was like, ‘When it comes, squeeze it.’ It’s funny, we actually do one hand, we catch the tennis ball with one hand. All the credit goes to Coach Norton.

“It was just a phenomenal play, big time. We needed that as a team. To get two turnovers was big, we needed every play that we got. That was real fun today.’’

So was being able to come back from 13-0 down at halftime, and then watching Russell Wilson led a comeback after the Seahawks got a final fourth-down stop with 1:57 left.

“I said this earlier, I believe this is one of the top three or four most impressive things I’ve seen this team do,’’ said Wright, who has been with the Seahawks since 2011. “And I knew that once we made that fourth-down stop, I was like, ‘We’re about to win.’

“You guys should see the confidence that we have on the sideline. Everyone was just so positive and optimistic and we knew, even when it was fourth-and-10, it was like, we’re going to find a way.

“We just have to believe as a team, if we have Russell at quarterback, anything is possible. His Hall of Fame career, he just keeps adding to it. I love him as a teammate, I love him as a man and it’s just special that he keeps doing that.’’