Consider this your annual reminder that what you hear on draft day doesn't always translate to what you'll see on the football field.

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John Schneider and Pete Carroll are far from conventional. When the rest of the NFL zigs, they zag.

That unique quality has at times left Seahawks fans scratching their heads on draft day. Of course, over time we’ve come to expect the unexpected from the Seahawks’ braintrust, and those same questionable draft-day selections have helped construct arguably the league’s most talented and complete roster.

Sure, some of us might have questioned John and Pete in the beginning, but that won’t stop us from looking back at what analysts had to say about Seattle’s draft classes through the years. Draft analysts can’t get ’em all right, but boy did they miss on some of Seattle’s current cornerstone pieces. This video serves as a nice reminder to take whatever expert analysis you hear on draft day with a large grain of salt, because otherwise you might end up looking pretty foolish.

One year that jumps out is the 2012 draft class — a year in which the team brought in core players such as Bobby Wagner, Bruce Irvin and some guy named Russell Wilson. Draft grades for the Seahawks varied, but very few gave the team higher than a “C” grade. ESPN’s Mel Kiper gave the team a “C-” and Bleacher Report dished out an “F” for the team’s seemingly unconventional picks.

And though most questioned the selection of Wilson in the third round of that draft, ESPN’s Jon Gruden was one of the few voices who lauded the pick. At the time it seemed the team was set at quarterback, but Gruden was one of the first to predict the rookie from Wisconsin could win the starting job. “I love this pick,” he said. “If I were Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson, I’d be leery of this kid. … If you give this kid a legitimate chance to win this job, he’ll win it. That’s how much confidence I have.”


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