This week's Paper Hawk is the 12th Man. But we don't mean just any Seahawks fan; we mean you! Use our online tool to make a custom paper doll with your face on it, and show us your creations.

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Paper Hawks customizer: Create your own custom 12th Man doll.

This Seahawks season, we’ve given you seven players as seven Paper Hawks.

Now, for our final paper doll of the year, we’re featuring someone special:

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This week’s Paper Hawk is the 12th Man. But it’s so much more than just a generic Seahawks fan.

Starting Christmas Day, you can use our online tool to take or upload a photo into our Paper Hawks template. All you have to do is simply adjust your photo to fit, then print out a doll with your own face on it!

Or, at least, someone’s face on it.

You can, as always, find this week’s Paper Hawks template in Friday’s newspaper. To become your own 12th Man, you can paste or tape a physical photo of yourself onto the newsprint version.

And, as always, we want to see your creations! Feel free to upload your Paper Hawks photos using the tool below. Your photos will go into moderation and we will approve them as soon as we can.

Have fun with the 12th Man customizable Paper Hawk!

You can find all of our previous Paper Hawks here, or pick from one of this year’s featured players: punter Jon Ryan, linebacker Bobby Wagner, kicker Steven Hauschka, cornerback Richard Sherman, receiver Tyler Lockett and tight end Jimmy Graham.

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