Anyone waiting for something to happen with the Seahawks and Jadeveon Clowney has been sorely disappointed the last few days/weeks/months as the standout defensive end remains unsigned by Seattle — or anyone else.

And given the dearth of movement on the Clowney front, some took it as a sign that his days in Seattle may be over — or at least, that a re-signing isn’t imminent — when Seahawks defensive tackle Jarran Reed tweeted Wednesday morning that he is taking back the No. 90 that he wore with the Seahawks from 2016-18 before selling it to Clowney last season and wearing 91.

“To clarify all questions yes I am back in number 90,” Reed tweeted.

A few hours later, Reed took to twitter again to say all he was doing was, well, just what he wrote — taking his number back.

“Look I understand everyone is looking for a sports story it’s not one stop with all the speculations … y’all trying to make news out of a jersey number,” Reed tweeted followed by a laughing emoji.

So, much (or at least, a tiny little bit) of an ado about nothing.


Reed and Clowney made the number switch last year after Clowney was acquired in a trade from Houston the first week of the regular season.

Clowney joked that it “wasn’t cheap” to get back the No. 90 jersey that he had worn during his time with the Texans.

Reed also wore No. 90 at Alabama (Clowney wore No. 7 during his time at South Carolina, a number a defensive lineman cannot wear in the NFL). He re-signed with the Seahawks last month to a two-year deal and obviously wanted to go back to the number with which he is most associated.

For what it’s worth, the number change is not yet reflected on the Seahawks’ online roster, which still lists him as 91.

And since Reed said not to read anything into it, we won’t read anything into it.

As for where things stand with Clowney, Mike Garafolo of NFL Network tweeted Wednesday that nothing appears to be going on.


Asked where he thinks Clowney will eventually end up, Garafolo said the Seahawks, but that “unfortunately, nothing right now indicates that’ll be the answer to your first question.”

Indeed, that appears to be the case, as we explained here on Tuesday, that there doesn’t seem to be anything new on the Clowney front despite some speculation that arose over the weekend when the Seahawks cut offensive linemen Justin Britt and D.J. Fluker to create roughly $12.2 million in cap space (potentially $1.2 million less than that if the team has to pay an injury settlement to Britt if he doesn’t re-sign with another team).

If nothing else, the “Reed jersey incident” shows that until Clowney signs with someone, anyone, everyone is going to read something into every little thing.