When the NFL schedule was unveiled in May, the Seahawks’ Dec. 13 home game against the New York Jets seemed like one of the more mundane affairs of the season.

No more.

The game grew markedly in intrigue Saturday when the Seahawks and Jets pulled off a blockbuster trade, with Seattle acquiring All-Pro safety Jamal Adams from New York for a package that includes its next two first-round draft picks.

The intrigue grew exponentially later in the day thanks to a Twitter back-and-forth that developed Saturday night between Adams and former Jets teammate Le’Veon Bell.

Bell, recall, forced his way out of Pittsburgh in a contract dispute similar to what Adams did in New York, sitting out the 2018 season before signing with the Jets a year ago, getting a four-year deal worth up to $52.5 million.

That signing seemed to be on Bell’s mind when he tweeted within just a couple minutes of the news that Adams had been traded: “ppl do all the hootin & hollerin to get you brought in, just to leave…lol like people weird yooo, the internet got these dudes doin whatever for attention, even when they tell you sh*t they don’t believe themselves.”

A few hours later, Adams quoted tweeted Bell’s tweet, stating “Noted. See u Week 14!”


To that, Bell responded a little while later: “noted” what?! lol that you LIED? PLEASEE TRUST that it IS “noted” then..& if I’m supposed to take “see you in week 14” as a threat…I don’t! but it’s still allll love and like I told you ON THE PHONE I want the best for you..if this is the best for you, I want it for you bro”

Bell noted in another tweet that referenced his tweet to Adams that “I’m not mad, I’m motivated.”

Expect Adams to be, too, pumping some life into what will be the first visit by the Jets to Seattle since 2012, a game that had previously loomed mostly as one in which the Seahawks figured to be heavily favored and would just need to make sure to take care of business.