The Seattle Seahawks are still unsure if or when Marshawn Lynch will return to the team. If and when he does, though, one of his tasks will be to fit in with a newly-surging offense.

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The Seattle Seahawks remain unsure when running back Marshawn Lynch will be able to return. It also sounds like there’s some uncertainty about his role when and if he makes it back.

Coach Pete Carroll said during his weekly Wednesday meeting with the media that Lynch remains in the Bay Area working out and rehabbing after having abdominal surgery Nov. 25.

“I understand from a report just recently that he’s really doing well, and he’s working really hard,” Carroll said. “When he’s ready to get back to football, he’ll jump back in.”

Could that be next week?

“Don’t know that yet,” Carroll said.

Will he be back for the playoffs?

“There’s a chance,” Carroll said. “This is something that it’s possible for him to return. It’s possible for him to return. Fortunately, we’re going to get to play longer, and the more we do that, the better off his chances to get back.”

Carroll said he is fine with the fact that Lynch is going through his workout regime elsewhere.

“What he’s going through right now is basically the program that he always goes through in the off-season,” Carroll said. “This is how he gets ready and gets in shape, and I think this is what’s best for him. I think this is a good choice for him to be where he is.”

With Lynch out the Seahawks have won five in a row and quarterback Russell Wilson has gone on a historic passing spree, throwing for 19 touchdowns with no interceptions with Seattle scoring 29 or more points in every game.

Offensive-line coach Tom Cable said once Lynch returns, one task will be re-integrating his game with a surging Seattle offense.

Cable said Lynch’s first challenge is to get healthy, then added “for him to come back in and be able to adapt to this football team and the way it is and the way it acts and the way it’s moving right now collectively. And so that will be his challenge. But right now his Number One goal his getting healthy.’’

Asked how much of a challenge it will be for Lynch to be productive given how long he has been out, Cable said: “I think if he’s right and ready to go and all that — I’ve said this before, he’s a fine football player. So it’s his ability to adapt to us, really, who we are and how we’ve come together as a group and as a team.’’

Cable also delivered an interesting response when asked how the team has changed during its recent offensive surge.

“I see us being a little more detailed, playing at a very high tempo, accepting challenges overcoming issues when they show up whether it’s in the game or in practice,’’ Cable said. “I think we are growing up in a big way. So I think maturity is the thing that probably stands out to me more than anything, and that’s across the board.’’