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To coincide with March Madness, conducted its own tournament, allowing fans to vote for the best game in NFL history, beginning with a 32-game bracket.

And making it to the final were two recent Super Bowls — number XLIII (Steelers over Cardinals) and, yes, number XLIX (in case you really need reminding, Patriots over Seahawks).

And as I write this, Super Bowl XLIX has a 57-43 lead, well on its way to being crowned by fans as the best game in NFL history.

There could, of course, be a lot of recency bias at work, here. How many people voting really saw the Ice Bowl?

But one write makes a compelling case here that the game truly deserves to be called the best in NFL history, noting the strength of the two teams (maybe the best QB in NFL history going against one of its greatest defenses), the back-and-forth nature of the game and the forever-to-be-debated ending.

Small consolation I’m sure — like, active membership in the Chone Figgins Fan Club small.

But I guess it’s something.