Outta sight, outta mind?

You might think that’d be the case in national media power rankings following the Seahawks’ Week 6 bye — but you’d be wrong!

The Seahawks are standing strong in the rankings this week, falling just a spot or two in some rankings, proving that bona fide MVP candidate Russell Wilson and Co. — and their 5-0 record — are pretty hard to forget.

At this point in the season, the Seahawks have a sterling record, national respect (last week’s rankings here), zero positive COVID cases and one of the league’s best players. What more could they ask for through six weeks? (A healthier, stronger defense, I suppose…)

Here’s where national media rank the Seahawks:

Sports Illustrated: No. 3

The Seahawks are coming off a bye, and it is tempting to give an edge to the teams we saw look good this weekend, but let’s not forget how great Russell Wilson and this offense have been in 2020. You are allowed to have some concerns about the defense and that some of the games have been a little closer than you might want, but it hasn’t caught up to them yet. So far the Seahawks have been able to outscore everyone, and they’ll remain a top-three team until that is proven otherwise.

ESPN: No. 1

(Bruce) Irvin’s season-ending knee injury in Week 2 was a double whammy for Seattle’s defense because of the dual role he fills as the strongside linebacker on early downs and an edge rusher in passing situations. The Seahawks have the depth at linebacker with Cody Barton and first-round pick Jordyn Brooks, but Irvin was the most accomplished member of a pass rush that has only generated nine sacks in five games and was already lacking firepower before he went down.

Bleacher Report: No. 2

This team is used to not only being in close games but also winning them, just as it did in Week 5 against the Minnesota Vikings to move to 5-0 for the first time in franchise history.


The Seahawks aren’t a team without issues. The defense entered Week 6 last in the league in both total defense (471.2 yards per game) and pass defense (370.4 yards per game).

But with Wilson playing at an otherworldly level, the Seahawks are piling up wins and have cemented a spot near the top of these power rankings.

CBS Sports: No. 2

They come off their bye with a tough division road game at Arizona. They better hope the defense gets it going soon because that’s been an issue all season.

NBC Sports: No. 3

The Seahawks fall during the bye week, only because there are serious questions about their defense. Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf now head to Arizona for a fun one against the Cardinals on Sunday.

Yahoo Sports: No. 4

Everyone in the NFC West has at least two losses other than the Seahawks. While I still think their defense is going to start costing them, they have a cushion if that does ever happen.

NFL.com: No. 5

The Seahawks hit their Week 6 bye basking in the glow of the Let Russ Cook era of Seattle football. … Seattle ranked 31st in dropbacks over 2018 and ’19. Yes, it’s mind-boggling that the Seahawks could have been that run-heavy with a Hall of Fame player of Russell Wilson’s level at quarterback, but let’s all just be thankful Mr. Unlimited is finally allowed to run his own kitchen.

The Ringer: No. 3

The NFL’s decision to dramatically alter the threshold for penalties this year has had an outsize effect on the style of football in the early goings. The league’s preseason mandate―which instructed officials to call only “clear and obvious” penalties―has helped produce a smoother, more exciting product in this extraordinary, COVID-19-altered season. Games have been unencumbered by the types of game-flow-slowing or big-play-erasing penalties we’d regularly see in a typical year. But by turning a blind eye toward anything but the most blatant penalties, the league (very intentionally) handed offenses a massive advantage over their defensive counterparts: With offensive holding calls a relative rarity, we’ve seen a historic explosion in scoring this year.