We were having so much fun, weren’t we?

The Seahawks were 5-0 heading into their bye week — possibly the most productive they’ve ever had — and hoping to get a healthy Jamal Adams back to provide some defensive stability.

Well, Adams didn’t make it back (and it’s still unknown whether he’ll play Sunday against the 49ers). Then Kyler Murray happened.

You don’t need us to remind you of all the gory details of Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals (though you can click here if you want them) — the bottom line is that the Seahawks have a real problem on defense, and their wounded running backs threaten to make their offense more one-dimensional.

There’s legitimate reason to worry, but the fact remains: The Seahawks are still 5-1 and still have the record-setting Russell Carrington Wilson at quarterback.

Here’s where national media rank the Seahawks after their Week 7 loss (last week’s rankings here):

CBS Sports: No. 4

The defense just isn’t good enough. They can’t rush the passer, which is a major problem. That unit faces a tough challenge this week against the 49ers.


Pro Football Talk: No. 7

The Seahawks have been living on the edge far too often, and it finally caught up with them.

ESPN: No. 3

It’s not that (Jamal) Adams has underperformed when he has been on the field. It’s that he hasn’t been on the field enough, missing the past three games while the Seahawks’ defense has been gashed at a historic rate. … All the draft capital the Seahawks gave up for Adams will make it difficult to trade for another impact defender before next week’s deadline. They need their All-Pro safety to get back on the field and start making plays.

Bleacher Report: No. 5

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Though the Seattle Seahawks offense has been lights-out, the team’s leaky defense was going to cost them. And in Week 7, it finally happened. … The Seahawks are still in first place in the NFL’s toughest division. But Sunday night’s performance sent red flags skyward for one of our analysts.

“The Seattle pass rush is nonexistent,” Bleacher Report NFL analyst Gary Davenport said, “and it cost them dearly in Week 7. Seven weeks into the 2020 season, the Seahawks have tallied all of nine sacks. No secondary can hold up forever, and Seattle’s is no different. These defensive failings are placing immense pressure on Russell Wilson and the offense to essentially be perfect, and we saw Sunday night what happens when he isn’t.”

NFL.com: No. 6

The Seahawks have relied on their offense to bail them out on a weekly basis, a formula that worked across five straight wins because Russell Wilson played like a demigod. But Sunday night was a reminder Seattle needs to be more well-rounded to make this season special. … Seattle’s defense needs serious help.

The Ringer: No. 6

Seattle’s issues on defense have mostly been hidden by Wilson’s exploits as a passer. But on a night when the offense was less than perfect (Wilson uncharacteristically threw three interceptions), they leave the Seahawks with a very small margin for error. That’s an issue that could come back to bite this team if they don’t make any major moves to address their problems on defense at the upcoming trade deadline.

USA Today: No. 6

They lost at Arizona, but WR DK Metcalf served a fresh reminder that Seattle never quits — stamping himself onto all-time hustle team.

Sports Illustrated: No. 3

An uncharacteristic performance from Russell Wilson allowed the Cardinals to hang around on Sunday night, but that was always going to happen at some point. The difference between Wilson and the average quarterback is that a slump doesn’t manifest. He’ll move on and so will Seattle.