There was intense pre-game hype surrounding Richard Sherman's return to Seattle to face his former team. Did the live product live up to the hype? That's for the fans to judge.

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The smack-talking, pot-stirring Richard Sherman who made headlines three days earlier wasn’t around after the 49ers’ 43-16 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday. This version of No. 25 was far more reserved when meeting with the media at CenturyLink Field.

Maybe it was because he was tired. Maybe it was because he didn’t do a whole lot. Maybe it was because of a combination of things.

Sherman had a quiet day. Russell Wilson seldom threw in his direction, and the one time Wilson connected with Doug Baldwin when Sherman was defending him, Baldwin slipped Sherman’s attempt at a tackle and got the first down.

Ultimately, Sherman didn’t even make it onto the 49ers’ defensive stat sheet. When the clock hit zeros,  Sherman and Baldwin exchanged jerseys at midfield while surrounded by a bevy of photographers. Then, Sherman walked off the field and into the visitor’s locker room.


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Here’s the rundown of his post-game presser.

On how it felt coming back to CenturyLink Field: “It’s just a regular game. It was just unfortunate we didn’t play as well as we could have. Had too many turnovers. They had too many plays. But that’s football and it’s kind of the way things have gone this season.”

On Seahawks receivers re-enacting his famous tip against the Niners in the NFC championship game as a touchdown celebration: “I didn’t even see it. I don’t think about it honestly. They’ve had a lot of fun with celebrations so that’s good for them.”

On what he and Doug Baldwin talked about on the field: “Same stuff, family, and how’s mom doing, and his wife. Things like that — the normal conversations we have, how his body is feeling, things that you ask a person. You know, we talk all the time, but things that you have to ask a person.”

On whether it was emotional seeing Doug again: “I’m not that emotional of a person when it comes to stuff like that. It wasn’t like he died.  We’re good friends. Obviously we don’t see each other during the season, we’re going to see each other in the offseason. We both live here. But it was good to see his face and have that conversation.”

On whether it was hard to not treat this game any differently than others: “No, I’m a ballplayer. At the end of the day, the field’s the same length and everything else is the same. You just go out there and try to give your team the best chance to win. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the win today.”

On how Russell Wilson played: “He played well. I think he threw for like 160 or 170. Their running game was really effective, and they let him get to his spots and kept the game-plan simple.”

On the touchdown to Jaron Brown: “He just scrambled around, and the guys were just scrambled. It was one of those plays he got out the pocket and the guys started running where they want.”

On whether Baldwin said anything to him after breaking his tackle: “No, that was a funny play. He ducked in and he ducked out that time. It was pretty funny.”

On how good the Seahawks are: “Honestly, I haven’t watched them outside of the film we watched on them, and this week. They played well today. They played well against Carolina. Obviously we’ll see how the season ends up for them.”

On being in the visitors’ locker room: “It’s a little smaller. They didn’t leave a lot of space over there for the visitors. Other than that, it feels the same, standing on the other side, didn’t really feel any different than me.”

On the hype going into the game (which he was very much a part of): “That’s just for the media. That’s just to sell tickets and get people in the seats. It worked. People got in the seats. That’s the way to sell tickets. But it doesn’t bother me either way.”

On what he heard from fans: “I didn’t hear much. I was pretty focused on the game. I’ sure people said a lot of stuff, I just kind of focused on the game.”