The NFL's Franchise Tag period begins Tuesday. But as they have every year since 2010, the Seahawks appear likely to sit it out.

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The period when NFL teams can place franchise tags on potential free agents begins Tuesday. and each have good primers on the tag and projected tag values (at its most basic, a Franchise Tag is used to give a player a one-year contract that is the greater of the average of the top five salaries (usually salary cap numbers) at his position once the restricted free agent signing period has ended, or 120 percent of his prior year’s salary. A player cannot negotiate with other teams after receiving an exclusive franchise tag.)

The Seahawks have not used a franchise tag since 2010 on kicker Olinda Mare, and would seem unlikely to use it in 2016 (here’s USA Today’s guess at which players will get tagged, none of them Seahahawks).

Seattle’s two big-ticket free agents — left tackle Russell Okung and linebacker Bruce Irvin — would each likely come with tags that seem far above what the Seahawks would want to pay (Okung $13.7 million and Irvin $14.1 million, assuming he’s defined as a linebacker. Those numbers could rise a big if the salary cap really hits the $155 million or more mark, as is being reported).

Recall the Seahawks declined last year to pick up an option on Irvin’s contract for the 2016 season that would have paid him roughly $7.8 million). And if you are wondering about Jon Ryan, he had a cap hit last year of $1.5 million while the tag for kickers/punters this year is expected to be $4.5 million. And remember that tags are just for unrestricted free agents, so it’s not something you can use for anyone with an existing contract.

The deadline to use the tag is March 1.