Beast Mode isn't keeping quiet during his newfound free time. The former Seahawks running back had a lot to say when he hopped inside some high-performance vehicles.

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During his playing career, Marshawn Lynch was known for being tight-lipped. But it appears that retirement has him talking a little more, as seen in a series of funny car reviews he did for Digital Trends.

In the reviews, Lynch rides around and shares his thoughts on cars you would need probably an NFL-sized paycheck to buy. Highlights from the reviews include his excitement at taking a supercharged Volvo off-roading:


His thoughts on a potential use for the Volvo if he ever has kids:


One concern he has with a Rolls Royce:


And his expert analysis of the host’s different types of driving:

The reviews show Lynch is still worth listening to whenever he opens his mouth, especially if you need a laugh. A full-length video of the reviews contains explicit language and can be watched at