Seahawks QB Russell Wilson said he was pleased with the development of the offense following Sunday's mock game and also talked about the progress of Tyler Lockett and the battle for the backup QB spot.

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Here are five thoughts from Seahawks QB Russell Wilson following Sunday’s scrimmage/mock game.

On how he feels about today’s mock game: “It was good. You know, I think of all the years we’ve had before, of our first mock game. Definitely the best mock game we’ve had in my opinion. You know, a couple miscues here and there across the board on offense, defense, whatever. But, a lot of great plays today. Guys are getting signals, guys are getting plays, getting first downs. I thought we were great today on third down for the most part. We had a great drive, the one’s. We had a great drive on offense, coming ninety-seven yards to go down the field and score a touchdown to Tyler Lockett. Which was really, really big and you’ve got to do that in games. So I thought we did a great job.”

On working with a new center: “Well Justin Britt is doing a phenomenal job. He’s communicating really well, he’s really physical, he’s big, he’s smart, he wants the challenge and he’s doing a great job up there. Patrick Lewis, I’ve been used to. You know, I’ve had so many experiences with him playing in big moments and I think he’s doing a great job too as well. Joey Hunt has been in there too, he’s played a lot of football in college and he’s come here and everything translates really easily for him. I think that he’s done a great job too. So the biggest adjustment is you know, Justin Britt is 6’5”, I don’t know, Patrick Lewis is I think 6’1”, 6’2”, probably, I don’t know; and so you know, different heights. You’ve just got to bend down a little further for one, and those are just probably the biggest adjustment. I think those guys really understand the game and they really understand what we’re trying to do. They’re doing a great job of that leading our offensive line.”

On how he feels about the offensive line as a whole: “I feel great about the offensive line. I think they’re looking really good. Honestly, they’re really confident, they’ve got a good mix in there. We have a solid five that’s been in there for the most part. The sixth, seventh, and eighth guys that have been coming in there and really understood what we’re trying to do. They’re really taking on the challenge and it’s going to be a great year, I’m looking forward to it. Looking forward to those guys stepping up and stepping up to the challenge. It’s exciting to get [Jahri] Evans as well. He’s been a great football player for a long time. We’re excited about having him join the team too, as well. So we’ll see where that goes too, so I know Coach Cable will have those guys ready to go and then we’ll be rolling and it’s going to be an exciting year.”

On his evaluation of Trevone Boykin and Jake Heaps: “Well they’re both great in the classroom. That’s the first thing, just being around those guys and just having fun with those guys and just working hard with them every day. That’s the exciting part, we’re both pushing each other. It’s interesting because they’re younger than me but for me, to be able to teach and learn and to go back and forth and try to explain things, it also helps me as well in terms of trying to continue to understand, continue to learn, continue to see new things and see how I’m taking it in and also how they’re taking it in to use it for good. So all those things are vital to the success. I think [Trevone] Boykin did a great job today [Jake] Heaps has done a great job too as well; he did a great job today. All those guys can make the throws that they need, both of those guys so it’s going to be an exciting preseason to watch those guys too. It’s a competition and they’re both working hard to make that number two spot and it will be interesting to see.”

On the development of Tyler Lockett: “Well I think Tyler Lockett, he’s always been a great receiver. He’s always proven that throughout college. You know, I always tell Tyler – like I say to everyone. The field is always the same, 100 yards and he’s proven that throughout his whole college career. He’s proven that throughout his rookie year, from the punt returns to the receiving ability to understanding the game. Quick story about Tyler, I go workout every morning with the 7am group. I normally go get there early and we workout and we do that and I make sure we do that every day just to keep my body going, stay fresh and all that. Tyler’s in there at 6:45 a.m., 7 o’clock in the morning catching tennis balls off the little tennis ball rack. You know how you see Serena Williams practicing, all those golfers – I mean tennis players playing and they have the tennis ball shooter. So he’s in there in the morning sitting down catching tennis balls. Those are the little things that he does, you know and he’s got great leadership in Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse, to watch those guys and be around those guys. He’s also his own individual, he’s his own player, his own investment in his career and where he wants to go so you really appreciate that.”