Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable liked the team's pass blocking against the Rams. but says the run blocking has to get better.

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Here are five key takeaways from Seattle offensive line coach Tom Cable’s weekly meeting with the media on Wednesday.

1, The running game has to be better for the Seahawks to do what they want to offensively.

“Well it gives us balance and we really miss that,” he said. “What it looked like in the preseason, we had some good rhythm that way. In the first two games we really haven’t. It’s been very hit or miss. Didn’t do it at all in the first half last week and then came out a little bit in the third and early fourth. But we need more consistency because it sets up the big ball, the play action and all those things.”

Cable said there were issue in both communication and physically that set back the running game.

“I think a little bit of both,” he said. “For example, we targeted protection better than we ever have. Haven’t blocked those guys like we have in two years in protection. But we’ve got to do the same thing in the run game.”

2, The pass blocking was solid in terms of communication, with no assignment errors.

“We were one hundred percent in the pass,” he said. “The hots were right. The quarterback was on it. In fact, we talked on Monday, how excited we are for us. That’s total communication from line to quarterbacks. That’s a matter of throwing hot when you’re supposed to be and where you need to be. Run game wise, there were about four of them that were really miscommunicated.”

Asked who did well in that regard, Cable said: “Well really you think about it, they all did in so many ways. [Justin] Britt is playing well. Mark [Glowinski] is playing well. He’s got his hands full with a tremendous player in [Aaron] Donald. But when you talk about their pressures and all the three down, four down and where they’re coming from and all that, we didn’t miss anything on that.”

3, Rookie left tackle George Fant and guard/tackle Rees Odhiambo are getting close to being able to play if the team needs them.

“I’m about ready to go with them both,” he said. “They’re right there, so now it’ll be just a matter of when their opportunity comes. I think plugging them in, they’ll be ready.”

Would that be in a potential rotation?

“No. I think when guys go down, you plug them in and don’t worry about it.”

4, Bradley Sowell did okay against Robert Quinn in Cable’s eyes.

“You know, to block [Robert] Quinn the way he did, pretty cool.”

5, Germain Ifedi may practice some later this week though it’s unclear if that means he has a chance to play.

“I think he’s getting closer and I think he may even do some work later this week,” he said. “So we’ll see what comes on Sunday.”

Cable said the Seahawks have missed a little of an edge with Ifedi, who had been one of the standouts of training camp.”

“I think having a group of guys like that with the same demeanor and mindset is very important. When you pull a piece out, it’s a little bit of a distraction but no excuses. We need to all improve.”

But he also warned that it could take Ifedi a game or two to really get to the level the team believes he can play at due to missing time with the injury and being a rookie.

“That’ll be an issue like it is with everyone. Not only is he young but coming off an injury, so there will be a process where he has to work back in.”