Okay, so trying to predict what may happen in a full slate of NFL games — the first of which isn’t scheduled to kick off for at least four months — may seem like an exercise futility.

Betting on any of those games may be even more of a foolish endeavor.

But if you really wanted to, you could, as the website BetOnline.ag has already set lines on every NFL game this season following the release of the full schedule on Thursday.

And if you take the point spreads literally, they foreshadow a good season for the Seahawks.

Seattle is an underdog in only four games this season, all on the road, and is a “pick ‘em’’ in another. Take that literally and that means the oddsmakers are predicting Seattle to go 11-4-1.

Seattle is favored to win its first six games, and is favored in all but one of its eight home games — a Nov. 1 date against the 49ers that is a “pick ‘em,’’ meaning neither team is favored.


The other four games in which Seattle is an underdog are all on the road. And in three of those Seattle is an underdog by two points. The only game in which Seattle is more than a 2-point underdog is the season finale at San Francisco in which the Seahawks are a six-point underdog.

It’s worth noting that betting lines typically account three points for home field advantage, meaning that if they viewed each team as equal then the home team would be favored by 3, though one gambling expert last year posited that some teams truly do have more of a homefield advantage than others and concluded Seattle’s is typically 3.5.

So yes, you could conclude in a few of the home games that the oddsmakers are viewing the teams as essentially equal and giving Seattle the nod for homefield advantage.

Regardless, the spreads show that the path is there for the Seahawks to have another double-digit win season.

Here is a look at each betting line

Sept. 13, at Atlanta — Seahawks by 1.

Sept. 20, vs. New England — Seahawks by 3.5.

Sept. 27, vs. Dallas — Seahawks by 3.

Oct. 4, at Miami — Seahawks by 4.

Oct. 11, vs. Minnesota — Seahawks by 3.

Oct. 25, at Arizona — Seahawks by 2.5.

Nov. 1, vs. San Francisco — Pick ‘em.

Nov. 8, at Buffalo — Bills by 2.

Nov. 15, at Los Angeles Rams — Rams by 2.

Nov. 19, vs. Arizona —Seahawks by 7.5.

Nov. 30, at Philadelphia — Eagles by 2.

Dec. 6, vs. New York Giants — Seahawks by 8.5

Dec. 13, vs. New York Jets — Seahawks by 8.5.

Dec. 20, at Washington — Seahawks by 6.

Dec. 27, vs. Los Angeles Rams — Seahawks by 4.5.

Jan. 3, at San Francisco — 49ers by 6.

The best bet here in my view? I’d go with the Sept. 20 game against the Patriots, who as of this minute are apparently going to ride at quarterback with Jarrett Stidham, who has thrown four passes in three NFL games, one of which was an interception.

The Patriots open at home with the Dolphins the week before, so Stidham making a first NFL road start at CenturyLink Field seems a pretty favorable proposition for Seattle. Of course, for all we know right now Cam Newton or someone else might be their starter by then.


But if it’s Stidham, that’s a tall order for the Patriots no matter what the state of Seattle’s pass rush is.

My next most comfortable bet at the moment would be covering the 8.5 against the Giants and second-year QB Daniel Jones.

The bet I’d be wariest to make? Asking the Seahawks to cover 7.5 at home against Arizona.

The Cardinals have won five of seven in Seattle straight up as it is, with one of the losses coming on a last-play field goal.

Seattle last beat Arizona at home comfortably in 2014, a 19-3 win when the Cardinals had to go with Drew Stanton at quarterback (a somewhat strange affair in which the only TD scored by either team was by Cooper Helfet).

Since then, every game between Arizona and Seattle in Seattle has been a battle. And with Kyler Murray a year older and now having DeAndre Hopkins to throw to, it’s hard to see why that would change now.


I’d personally feel a heck of a lot more confident thinking that Seattle covers six at Washington than 7.5 at home against Arizona.

Another I’d feel wary of is the Buffalo game.

A long trip against a good defense in what might be cold weather the week after playing the 49ers seems like it could be trouble.

That Seattle is favored in seven of eight home games puts the Seahawks ahead of the curve — according to BetOnline.ag it has the home team favored in 64.8 percent of games this season.

BetOnline.ag also has a lot of teams with a lot of positive-looking season lines this year —- the Ravens are favored in every game, New Orleans and Kansas City in 14, San Francisco in 13 and Tampa Bay in 12.

The worst teams against the spread? Jacksonville is an underdog in all 16 while two teams Seattle plays are favorites two times or fewer — the Giants are favored just once and Washington twice.