Defensive tackle Tony McDaniel returned to the Seahawks thanks to a picture he posted on Snapchat.

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RENTON — When defensive tackle Tony McDaniel got the call the Seahawks wanted to bring him back, he was in Leavenworth, hiking and kayaking.

It is the start of perhaps the most interesting acquisition story of the offseason. McDaniel posted a picture of himself on Snapchat, which his agent saw and realized he was in Washington. So McDaniel’s agent called the Seahawks and asked if they’d bring McDaniel in for a workout since he was in the area anyway.

“That’s kind of how that happened,” McDaniel said. “It’s amazing how you can use social media to help you out.”

On a side note, it’s also sort of amazing to picture the 6-foot-7 McDaniel kayaking down the Wenatchee River.

That size is part of what interested the Seahawks in the past and what interested them in bringing McDaniel back. Cornerback Richard Sherman said McDaniel “doesn’t move when people try to move him.”

McDaniel spent two seasons with the Seahawks and went to two Super Bowls in 2013 and 2014. He spent last season with Tampa Bay but said the Seahawks’ defense returned to him quickly.

“The stuff that I learned in here kind of ingrained in me as a player so I’m still molded by the stuff I learned here,” McDaniel said. “It was pretty easy for me to pick back up on it.”

McDaniel, 31, said he expects to play in Thursday’s preseason game and said he feels in pretty good shape.

“It’s like coming back home,” he said. “I feel like I’ve been on a vacation.”

That’s probably because a vacation led him back to Seattle.