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Kam Chancellor remains the unavoidable topic at the VMAC, the holdout of the popular strong safety and team leader reaching day No. 26 when he was absent again on Tuesday.

Receiver Doug Baldwin, who met the media after Tuesday’s practice, said he talk to Chancellor every day and remains hopeful the situation will be resolved soon.

“I know exactly what he’s doing,” Baldwin said. “I support Kam Chancellor as a person. I know what he stands for, I know it’s a difficult time, both for the organization and for him. It’s part of what this team is. It’s the price of success. It’s the talent here — so many guys that want to get paid that need to get paid. It’s the price of success. I’m always optimistic.”

Whether something will happen soon, though, remains in question.

Baldwin added that while success has brought challenges into some uncharted waters, he thinks it’s something the team can overcome.

“We’ve had some trying times, obviously,” he said. “But all of us are trying to work through it together. This is the first time that anybody in this organization has gone to back-to-back Super Bowls and looked at as a potential team to go to a third Super Bowl. There are a lot of distractions out there, there is a lot of opportunity for our focus to be out there but we’re trying to hone it in and continue to move forward with the plan we have in place prior to the season. That’s what we’re focused on but again, like I said this is the first time anyone has gone through this so we’re going to do this together and do the best we can.”

Here is so more of what Baldwin had to say:

On Game 3 at San Diego: “Not much different than the other preseason games. The focus is more so that the mental aspect for myself and my fellow receivers. We have to prepare mentally. Regardless of how many reps we get, it doesn’t matter. We have to prepare for this game, like we’ve prepared the previous two preseason games. Be ready when the bell is called. For us in any game, we don’t know how many targets we’re going to get, we don’t know how many catches we’re going to have. We just have to stand the whole course of the game, so that is what we’re focused on.”

On Jimmy Graham: “I know he’s a huge target. I know he catches everything thrown to him. He’s fantastic when he’s in a supporting role. I think it’s going to be great for us. I don’t know specifically how it’s going to help us, I know in the red zone we’re anxious to see what he can do. We think that’s going to be huge for us in the third down as well.”

On how difficult it would be to switch from QB to WR such as B.J. Daniels is doing: “Extremely difficult. Obviously, physically it is two completely different worlds. Mentally I think it might help him a little bit because he knows what he’s looking for. He can easily read coverages because he’s seen it from the quarterback position. But physically it is not easy. Going from a quarterback where you’re doing drop backs to receiver where everything is moving forward and you have to be able to move laterally at the drop of a dime. It’s different. But he’s taken it to heart. He’s excelled at it, he’s doing really well, and his progress has been extremely impressive throughout the course of camp. Excited about seeing him do more in his progress.”

On knowing before if B.J. would be a WR: “Well, you know, you never really think that’s what they are going to do. You can tell, he was just a very gifted athlete, whether it be at receiver, running back, quarterback, he was going to use his athletic ability to perform at a high level. He’s shown that as a receiver. I thought maybe he’d be playing running back because of how shifty he was, but he’s shown his athleticism at receiver as well. You could see it, but you never thought that’s what was actually going to happen.”

On how comfortable Daniels looks: “He’s getting it. I think the nuances of releases, of the subtleties of running routes, he’s figuring that out. It’s a little more difficult than just running a route. There’s a lot of stuff that goes into it, both physically and mentally. He’s catching up as fast as he can. He’s doing a really good job at it. He’s staying on top of it. I think he’s at a really good place, he needs more reps.”

On competing with Dion Bailey and Ronald Martin, Jr. in practice: “They are doing excellent. They are taking coaching very well. They are improving every day. Dion Bailey especially, he’s flashed to me. I wrote it in my camp notes the first break after camp. He’s doing extremely well, those guys in particular. The biggest thing for me is they’re flashing everywhere. It’s not only on the defensive side on safety, but also on special teams. They’re taking it to heart and they’re making the best of their opportunity. Obviously Earl [Thomas] being out, Kam not being here. They are getting more reps and they’re making the best of it.”