Linebacker Cody Barton, the Seahawks’ third-round pick in the NFL draft at No. 88 overall, signed his rookie contract with the team, according to a tweet sent out Friday by his agency, DEC Management.

That means all 11 Seattle draft picks are now officially under contract. Barton will receive the standard four-year rookie contract worth up to $3.4 million with a bonus of $884,124, according to figures from

Years and contract totals are based on where players are drafted. But players can negotiate a few items such as when the bonus will be paid out — players generally want it all a quickly while teams often prefer to spread it out — and how much of the contract is guaranteed.

Draft picks not under contract typically sign injury protection waivers allowing them to take part in practices/workouts before signing. Barton has participated in all the work outs thus far.

Barton has been playing middle linebacker where he will contend with Austin Calitro to be the backup to Bobby Wagner.