One Seahawks fan at CenturyLink Field was caught on camera yelling: "Waitress, waitress, hey waitress. Can I have a Pepsi, please?"

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On the field, the Seahawks were winners Monday night. But it was anything but a win for one fan in the stands at CenturyLink Field.

In January Bills special teams quality control coach Kathryn Smith became the NFL’s first full-time female coach. And yet, on the day that could see the first female in American history elected, a disturbing video shows the demeaning comments pioneers such as Smith have to endure.

As Smith and the Bills took the field before Monday’s game, a fan wearing a Seahawks jersey with No. 1 and “Our house” on the back was filmed yelling at Smith, “Waitress, waitress, hey waitress. Can I have a Pepsi, please?”

A woman standing next to the man — visibly disturbed by the comments — slapped him and gestured for him to stop. The man turned around and walked away.

Bills coach Rex Ryan addressed the exchanges, saying Tuesday, “I think that’s ridiculous. I think we’ll all agree with that. I don’t know what else to say about that.”

“I get ripped all the time, and that’s cool. I’m free game,” he continued. “I’ve been called everything known to man, and that’s OK. I’m the head coach, and that’s part of the gig, no doubt about it. But I think that’s really classless.”