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According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, several Chargers players were upset with the actions of Seattle rookie Frank Clark during a scrum after a second quarter sack that resulted in a 15-yard penalty for San Diego offensive lineman King Dunlap.

ESPN also has a story with a headline stating that Clark was “accused of attacking” San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers.

The UT story says “A  Chargers player said Clark, an end, tried to punch Rivers after Seahawks tackle Jordan Hill took down Rivers for a nine-yard loss.”

Clark, asked a general question about the incident after the game, said “man this game, it’s a lot of emotions is involved. I’m a real emotional player but there are ways you react and ways you don’t react. You’ve got to be smart in this game. That was something Sherm (Richard Sherman) was telling me afterwards, that whole thing, even though I didn’t get called for anything, just to avoid situations like that.”

The play occurred in the second quarter when the Seahawks sacked Rivers. Jordan Hill got credit for the sack.

Here’s a view of the play that as much as anything seems to show Rivers holding on to Clark following the sack.