Seattle linebacker Bruce Irvin tweeted Sunday night that the team did not pick up an option on his contract for 2016.

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The deadline for the Seahawks to pick up an option for the 2016 season on the contract of linebacker Bruce Irvin was Sunday. And based on a few tweets by Irvin on Sunday might, it was not picked up. The team had no announcement to make on Sunday, but something could come on Monday.

Some of what Irvin Tweeted Sunday night is a little NSFW. But in one of his Tweets he wrote that he “Worked for everything I got in my life this … will b no different! I earns my keeps!”

And in another he Tweeted that he “Faced way tougher adversity getting outta them streets coming up! That’s (expletive) is nothing! (Expletive) THAT OPTION!”

By picking up the option, the Seahawks would have been on the hook to pay Irvin $7.8 million in 2016.

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Now, he will play the 2015 season as the final year of his initial rookie contract at basically $1.7 million, with the team hoping it can work out a contract to keep Irvin, undoubtedly paying him less in 2016 but giving him a longer-team deal (and more money overall).

Both coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider talked after the draft on Saturday about their plans for Irvin long-term.

Said Carroll: “If we pick up Bruce’s option it’s a great thing, if we don’t pick up Bruce’s option it only means we aren’t picking it up… We want him to be here for a long time.”

Carroll said he met with Irvin before the draft to lay out the possible scenarios.

“We met with Bruce (Thursday) before we got going, and it went very well,” Carroll said. “We discussed what our plan is and what we are planning on doing, still knowing that maybe something could happen that could change the decision. It has nothing to do with the statement of how we feel about him in our program. We expect him to be here for a long time and we will work to get that done.”

Schneider noted the team did not pick up guard James Carpenter’s contract last year but wanted to re-sign him. However, that didn’t work out with Carpenter ending up signing with the Jets after becoming a free agent following the 2014 season.

“We wanted (James Carpenter) to be here,” he said. “We didn’t pick it up because of what we had going on, but that didn’t mean we didn’t want him back. We had a negotiation with him and it didn’t work out.”

Seattle remains with some challenging salary cap situations moving forward, specifically also working on an extension for quarterback Russell Wilson as well as middle linebacker Bobby Wagner. Each could sign extensions this off-season that would likely include substantial salary cap jumps for the 2016 season.

Teams were allowed this year to pick up a fifth-year option on the contracts of players selected in the first round in 2012 — Irvin was taken 15th overall that year. Players whose options are not picked up can become free agents after the 2015 season. But the team can re-sign those players to extensions at any time.

Irvin also Tweeted about heading to Atlanta on Monday, which is his hometown. Irvin made clear later that he hadn’t been traded: