The church has adjusted services for Seahawks games dating back to 2011.

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The Bible says to remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Well, for some, the Seahawks are a religious experience.

EastLake Community Church, a Bothell-based church that bills itself as a “church for the rest of us,” has canceled its Sunday morning services at its Seattle-area campuses so congregants can watch the Seahawks’ wild-card playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings. The church has adjusted its morning service schedule in some form for Seahawks games dating back to 2011.

This time, the church delivers the message in Bad Lip Reading-style over┬ávideo of Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe gaffe.

“Did you hear him?” Miss USA seemingly whispers to Miss Philippines. “He said no services!”┬áMiss Philippines is visibly relieved she can skip church on Sunday without guilt.

The church will however hold a service at its Bothell campus at 6 p.m.

“It cracks me up every year we do this that it’s news,” said Ryan Meeks, founding pastor of the church. “We are human beings and we like to watch the Seahawks.”

Watch the announcement video below: