About that strategy

If you had the choice to create your offensive schemes around a franchise quarterback, Russell Wilson, or Runner X, which would you choose? The obvious answer from most Seahawk fans would be Russ!

The running game has been iffy (bad draft choices and too many injuries) since the Marshawn Lynch era. And yet, coach Pete Carroll persists with his run-game philosophy. Apparently, GM John Schneider is in agreement, so the new offensive coordinator will be nothing more than a “yes” man.

Tim Joslin Sr., Redondo


Russ: Why not me for MVP? Answer: Because your focus has moved on, from football, to the world beyond.

Scott Harmon, Kenmore

On the bright side

That was a very long year. Little training time, no preseason games, no clarity midyear whether there would even be a football season.

I am truly grateful to the NFL and the players for even giving us fans some semblance of normalcy. And in this sense, I think the Seahawks were successful.

Alan Oiye, Seattle

Moving on

Whew! The Seahawks’ season is finally over. Now those of us who don’t live and die by their activities may actually get some other reporting.


Pat Lane, Mount Vernon

Canuck view

As a lifelong Seahawks fan, it makes me very sad to watch from Canada as Pete Carroll ruins the careers of Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf. As soon as Carroll started talking about the need to establish the run game, after an electric 5-0 start, I knew the Hawks would be one and done again this year.

Patrick O’Neil, Nelson, B.C.

At least it wasn’t UW basketball

The Hawks got their helmets handed to them. No doubt they are beating up on themselves. They also won three times as many games as they lost, and most reasonable folks consider that a successful season.

Ease up on the negatory pedal and save it for the Husky b-ballers.

Henry Thompson, Broadview

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