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Team enables Sherman

Matt Calkins’ column on Richard Sherman’s latest sideline outburst simply is an illustration of what’s known as the chickens coming home to roost. The Seahawks have enabled Sherman’s bad behavior too many times to have any reason to dislike any of his behavior for the rest of Sherman’s time in Seattle.

John Christensen, Edmonds

Sherman’s outburst is offensive

Richard Sherman quickly is going from one of the most popular and marketable players to an outright problem. His overinflated self-worth is beginning to show and probably grinding on the other players and coaches. To suggest that his play (he termed it “sacrifice”) endows him with the authority to berate coaches for offensive play calls is just … offensive.

Angel Hewit, Issaquah

Were Hawks going for Sounders’ look?

My eyes have now readjusted to normalcy after the Seahawks’ Thursday night neon-green uniform attack. Even though the NFL mandated something “special” for the game, it looks like the Hawks wished to emulate at least the look of our MLS Cup-champion Sounders.

Ted Landreth, Sammamish


Kudos to Toronto FC fans

I attended the MLS Cup in Toronto and had an amazing experience. One of the best parts was the hospitality of the Toronto fans. They were extraordinary. The most amazing thing was after the game, there was one fan standing on the stairs shaking every Sounders fan’s hands and congratulating us. I am not sure I could have done that had the shoe been on the other foot, but it touched me to the core that he could (and did).

Alan Mendel, Seattle

No fan of MLS Cup format

As often happens, a basketball game ends in a tie; extra time is played,and still it’s a tie game. Now, to determine a winner, two players are sent to the foul line — an opportunity to score resulting from infractions of the rules. Guess what, that’s how the MLS champion was determined. A few players took penalty kicks. Here’s how to fix the game:

1. Widen the goal by 10 feet.

2. Shorten the field by 20 yards.

3. Reduce crowding, play with 9 players.

4. Eliminate the shootout; play sudden death — first to score wins!

Try it, you’ll like it.

Jim Diffendorfer, Renton

Seattle’s ‘The Save’

To commemorate one of the greatest moments in Seattle sports history, Stefan Frei’s monumental save needs a primal name. I nominate “The Save.”

Michael Welch, Sammamish

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