Seattle's playoff odds increased markedly despite the team not playing. That's in the estimation of several of the more popular sites that determine playoff odds.

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By doing nothing last week, the Seattle Seahawks’ odds of making the playoffs got better.

That’s the way sees it, anyway, giving the Seahawks a 23.74 percent chance to make the playoffs this week, which is 5.08 percent higher than last week (the losses by St. Louis and Atlanta surely played into that).

Seattle’s chances of winning the division also went up slightly, by 0.72 percent, to 6.88 percent, according to numberFire.

The website, meanwhile, gives the Seahawks better odds of making the playoffs, at 29.7 percent, but also stating that the Seahawks “need to win seven of the remaining eight games to virtually clinch of a playoff berth.”’s formula is the most optimistic for the Seahawks, giving Seattle a 44 percent chance of making the playoffs, up 10.1 percent from last week. As you can see, Seattle’s odds of making the playoffs increased the most of anybody’s in the NFC other than Minnesota, which beat the Rams. That win by the Vikings improved Minnesota’s odds 25 percent to 46.2 while dropping the Rams’ odds 16.7 percent to 30.7 percent. Atlanta’s  odds took a big hit, down 12.6 percent to 56.8 percent, after losing its third in a row overall at San Francisco. Seattle’s odds, via FootballOutsiders, are now the seventh-best in the NFC, or one spot out of the playoffs.

How the Seahawks will fare this year will undoubtedly be greatly determined by Sunday’s game against Arizona, a game for which Seattle remains a three-point favorite.

Here are all of’s odds for the Seahawks this week:

Projected Record: 8.42 – 7.58 (Change: -0.02 wins)
Playoffs: 23.74% (Change: 5.08%)
Division: 6.88% (Change: 0.72%)
Conference Championship: 1.9% (Change: 0.12%)
Super Bowl: 0.66% (Change: -0.14%)
Power Rankings: 7 (Last Week: 8)

This week’s biggest Power Rankings riser is the Indianapolis Colts (+9). The biggest faller is the Denver Broncos (-5). A full list of our Power Rankings can be found here.