We're calling unnecessary roughness on Arizona DOT for this tweet that sparked a social media frenzy.

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Arizona’s Department of Transportation is having some fun with Twitter’s expanded character count, it seems.

On Thursday morning the department’s official Twitter account posted a photo of a highway sign that read: “Careful passing results in successful drives.”

The caption was a less-than-subtle shot at the Seahawks’ Super Bowl 49 loss to the Patriots — specifically poking fun at the goal-line interception that still haunts Seattle to this day.

“Headed to #Seahawks vs. #AZCardinals tonight? On your drive, be sure to make good decisions and pass carefully. U don’t want another car, like a Jeep Patriot, for example, to cut you off and end your drive right before you reach your destination. That would be awful. #BeRedSeeRed”

Washington State DOT was quick to respond, quoting the original tweet and essentially reminding them which team has won the NFC West three of the past four years.