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MINNEAPOLIS — Here are some of the big  plays and performance from the Seahawks’ 10-9 wild-card victory over the Vikings on Sunday:

—   Defensive tackle Ahtyba Rubin stayed with a pass play to Adrian Peterson down the field, and because of that he recovered a fumble forced by Kam Chancellor. Coach Pete Carroll made a big deal of Rubin pursuing a play down the field a few weeks ago, and this perfectly illustrated why.

—   Running back Christine Michael never had that big, explosive run like he did last week in Arizona. But he was steady and consistent and picked up hard fought yards. It wasn’t a flashy performance, which makes it even more impressive considering it came from Michael.


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—   Safety Earl Thomas made a couple of plays that showed why he is so good and so fast. In the first half, he broke up one of the only long pass attempts the Vikings took by breaking on the ball. On another play, he forced the Vikings into a third down by breaking on a running play and stopping the ball carrier short.

—   Defensive lineman Michael Bennett was disruptive in the backfield, both in terms of stopping Peterson and in terms of getting pressure on Bridgewater. He created chaos, which is what he does at his best.