Is there a more creative group in the NFL than the Seahawks' pass-catchers after scoring a touchdown? Do you not instantly want to know how they're going to commemorate their six points?

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The Seahawks are the best rushing team in the NFL right now. So if they have the ball on their opponents’ 1, I know what you’re thinking.

“Throw it!”

Not because it’s the most effective way to get in the end zone, but because if they run it, the receivers won’t provide a touchdown celebration.

Seriously, though — is there a more creative group in the NFL than the Seahawks’ pass-catchers? Do you not instantly want to know how they’re going to commemorate their six points?

As Doug Baldwin said, “It has become an expectation.” And these guys (almost) always deliver.

Hopefully there are a lot more to come. In the meantime, here is the definitive celebration rankings for the Seahawks’ receiving corps three quarters of the way through the season:

10. Doing the Macarena

Week 13 vs. 49ers at CenturyLink Field

In the Seahawks’ defense, this was their fourth touchdown reception of the game Sunday. If the receivers still had something creative at this point, I’d worry about just how much time they’re putting into these celebrations. To me, this was like a night at the karaoke bar. I have a couple go-tos, but if you send me up there for a fourth song, it’s not gonna go well.

9. Reenacting scene from “Life”

Week 13 vs. 49ers at CenturyLink Field

For a moment, this looked like it could have been near the top of this list, but only because most people misinterpreted it as a rose ceremony from “The Bachelor.” In reality, it was a scene from “Life,” starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. Tight end Nick Vannett played the  superintendent who’s trying to figure out which inmate had impregnated his daughter. Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Jaron Brown and David Moore play the prisoners who, in an “I am Spartacus”-type display, all claim that they’re the dad to protect the real one. The execution was spot-on, but the scene was probably a little obscure for most fans. That said, this was the third TD catch of the game.

8. Double dutch

Week 5 vs. Rams at CenturyLink Field

Lockett catches a 39-yard TD pass, then starts double-dutching in the end zone as Baldwin and Moore swing the jump ropes. I feel like this was what really kicked off the Seahawks’ celebration craze this year, and I initially had it at No. 4. One problem, when I Googled, “double dutch end zone celebration,” the first result wasn’t the Seahawks. Turns out the Lions did the same thing last year.

7. Surf’s Up

Week 11 vs. Packers at CenturyLink Field

Baldwin reels in his first touchdown reception of the season, four other pass-catchers join him in the end zone on their stomachs, fake paddle, then hop on their boards. Russell Wilson ribbed them postgame and said they have to work on their technique. But it got Troy Aikman to laugh on the broadcast. Well done.

6. Digging for gold

Week 13 vs. 49ers at CenturyLink Field

There was a little confusion about the Seahawks’ second celebration Sunday. Some thought they were digging a hole in the ground and burying the ball. But it was quickly made clear that they were digging for gold as one would in California in 1849. This one had everything: originality, history, and best of all — trolling.

5. Boy-band dance

Week 9 vs. Chargers at CenturyLink Field

As far as choreography goes, this might be No. 1. The receivers channeled what seemed to be their inner N’Sync and delivered something JT would be proud of. Most everyone in the press box was laughing as it was happening. So why isn’t it higher? Because almost none of us actually knew what it was.

4. Marching-band fight

Week 6 vs. Raiders at Wembley Stadium

In a homage to the movie “Drumline,” Baldwin and Lockett line up across from each other with Brown next to Doug and Moore next to Tyler. They start banging their imaginary drums, but when Lockett gets too close, Baldwin takes him out with a haymaker, just as Nick Cannon did in the film. Don’t worry, Lockett would get revenge.

3. Allen Iverson/Tyronn Lue

Week 12 vs. Panthers at Bank of America Stadium

This was supposed to debut a couple weeks earlier, when Lockett forewent a TD celebration in Los Angeles and instead handed the football to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Worth the wait. After the refs gave Lockett a touchdown following a review, Tyler took the ball, crossed up Moore, flicked a jump shot, then stepped over him just as Iverson did to Lue in the 2001 NBA Finals. The reenactment was impeccable and would top the list for just about any other team. (Side note: The Lakers fan in me feels obligated to point out that Lue had completely shut down Iverson before that shot. Funny how legacies are born.)

2. ‘The Tip’

Week 13 vs. 49ers at CenturyLink Field

No troll job here. Pure tribute to one of the greatest Seahawks ever. After Brown caught a 4-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter, the receivers relived the moment that sent them to the Super Bowl they would eventually win. Playing Colin Kaepernick, Brown threw a pass toward Lockett (Michael Crabtree), but had the ball tipped by Baldwin (Sherman) into the hands of Moore (Malcolm Smith.) This could have gone poorly. Instead it went perfectly. And though Sherman said he didn’t see it, he had to have appreciated it.

1. Hit by pitch

Week 8 vs. Detroit at Ford Field

After Ed Dickson caught a 12-yard TD pass in the second quarter, Baldwin stepped into the batter’s box and got in his stance. Lockett then beaned him on the leg with the football, prompting Doug to charge the mound. But this wouldn’t be like “Drumline.” Lockett clothes-lined Baldwin as fellow receivers joined the brawl. Even Wilson, who wasn’t part of the rehearsals, got in on it.

“I came in from the bullpen,” he said.