Bob Condotta and Jayson Jenks take turns ranking every Seahawks draft pick in the Pete Carroll-John Schneider era.

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This is the time of year when football fans are inundated by mock drafts.

But here’s a mock draft like you’ve never seen before — one devoted solely to every Seahawks’ draft pick since 2010.

Specifically, Seattle Times Seahawks beat writers Bob Condotta and Jayson Jenks decided to take all 66 players the team has selected in the draft since Pete Carroll became head coach and John Schneider general manager in 2010 and hold a mock draft of just those players.

And only draft picks were included, so there’s no Doug Baldwin or Thomas Rawls, each signed as undrafted free agents during the Carroll/Schneider era.

There are a lot of obvious names at the top, but even diehard Seahawks’ fans may need reminding of a few of the players the team has drafted through the years.

Condotta and Jenks traded off picks, adding their own comment to each selection.

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1. Russell Wilson

Comment (Bob): The best quarterback in franchise history in the third round? The Seahawks may be hard-pressed to make a better pick for as long as the NFL exists.

2. Earl Thomas

Comment (Jayson): The centerpiece of the Seahawks’ defense whose value should never be questioned again after what happened in his absence last season.

3. Richard Sherman

Comment (Bob): One of the best fifth-round picks in NFL history, let alone Seattle’s. His emergence into the starting lineup midway through the 2011 season marks the true beginning of the Legion of Boom.

4. Bobby Wagner

Comment (Jayson): A day-one starter, Wagner is now an annual All-Pro and Pro Bowl candidate and has emerged as one of the best middle linebackers in the league.

5. Kam Chancellor

Comment (Bob): A fifth-round pick in 2010 who put the Boom in the LOB and whose selection epitomized the ability of the Carroll/Schneider era to see strengths where other teams saw question marks.

6. K.J. Wright

Comment (Jayson): Wright had the best season of his career last year and is particularly valued for his instincts and ability in coverage.

7. Russell Okung

Comment (Bob): It was unrealistic to think he’d ever live up to the standard set by Hall of Famer Walter Jones at left tackle. But he was a solid and consistent performer at a key position for the most successful run in team history.

8. Golden Tate

Comment (Jayson): Tate was Seattle’s leading receiver during the 2013 Super Bowl season and has posted 1,000-yard seasons in two of his three years in Detroit.

9. Malcolm Smith

Comment (Bob): Smith was never a full-time starter. But that he won the Super Bowl MVP award as a reserve who was originally a seventh-rounder sort of just made sense considering how the Carroll/Schneider era Seahawks were built.

10. Bruce Irvin

Comment (Jayson): Irvin was a solid pass rusher who became a solid outside linebacker, which allowed him to play all three downs.

11. Byron Maxwell

Comment (Bob): Went from a little-known sixth-rounder to one of the highest-paid cornerbacks in the NFL in four years. The job he did in the Super Bowl win over Denver is enough to make him remembered fondly by Seahawks fans.

12. Tyler Lockett

Comment (Jayson): When healthy, Lockett has the look and work ethic of a future star. Plus, he’s a dangerous return man.

13. Walter Thurmond

Comment (Bob): A fourth-rounder in 2010 who was considered a founding member of the LOB. Will always be remembered for the key role he played as the starting nickelback in the Super Bowl win over the Broncos.

14. James Carpenter

Comment (Jayson): Carpenter got a bad rap in Seattle, sometimes deservedly so. But he’s about to start his seventh season in the league and started 16 games each of the last two seasons.

15. Jeremy Lane

Comment (Bob): We’ll see if he lives up to the lofty contract he was handed a year ago. That he earned it in the first place, though, speaks to what he did his first four years after being taken in the sixth round in 2012.

16. J.R. Sweezy

Comment (Jayson): Former seventh-round pick started on teams that went to back-to-back Super Bowls.

17. Frank Clark

Comment (Bob): If he progresses as he has his first two seasons, could be picked a lot higher in a similar mock draft a few years down the road. And so far, has quieted the controversy that greeted his selection in the second round in 2015.

18. Justin Britt

Comment (Jayson): Wouldn’t have been nearly this high before last season but he turned into a solid center in his first year at the position.

19. Luke Willson

Comment (Bob): The only pick left from the disastrous 2013 draft, Willson has had a knack for the big play.Needs a healthy 2017 to stick around longer.

20. Jaye Howard

Comment (Jayson): Probably the best example of the roster casualties the Seahawks had to make on that loaded 2013 team, Howard became a productive contributor for the Chiefs.

21. Spencer Ware

Comment (Bob): Injuries and an arrest on suspicion of DUI helped lead to a quick exit from Seattle after being taken in the sixth round in 2013. But he has since showed what the Seahawks saw in him by rushing for 1,324 yards the last two seasons with the Chiefs.

22. Germain Ifedi

Comment (Jayson): Ifedi wasn’t great at guard as a rookie but he’s going to get a shot at right tackle in year two.

23. Robert Turbin

Comment (Bob): Fourth-rounder in 2012, he served a valuable role for four seasons as a third-down/two-minute running back.

24. Paul Richardson

Comment (Jayson): Battled injuries and never had 300 yards receiving in any of his three seasons with the Seahawks.

25. Mark Glowinski

Comment (Bob): Fourth-rounder in 2015, won a starting job at guard last season. Now to see if he can hold it for a few more and rise up this list.

26. Jarran Reed

Comment (Jayson): Run-stuffing defensive tackle played significantly as a rookie.

27. C.J. Prosise

Comment (Bob): Played only six games as a rookie in 2016. But had some of the most electric moments of the season with his play against the Patriots and long run against the Eagles. Now just needs to stay healthy.

28. Cassius Marsh

Comment (Jayson): Marsh has never been more than a role player and special-teams contributor in his three seasons.

29. Jordan Hill

Comment (Bob): Ultimately regarded as a disappointment after playing in just 27 games in three years after being picked in the third round in 2013. But was huge down the stretch in 2014 as the Seahawks rallied to win another No. 1 playoff seed.

30. Anthony McCoy

Comment (Jayson): Tons of potential but injuries derailed his career.

31. Michael Bowie

Comment (Bob): Seventh-round pick only played one season but started eight games as an injury replacement including the divisional playoff win over New Orleans as the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2013.

32. Korey Toomer

Comment (Jayson): Toomer never played much for the Seahawks but started to find a role in San Diego last year.

33. Christine Michael

Comment (Bob): Maybe the most surprising pick of the Schneider/Carroll era in the second round in 2013 — and the first Seattle made that year — he never really paid off the big investment. But he had one shining moment — an error-free performance in the chill of Minnesota to help Seattle win a wild card playoff game in 2016.

34. Kevin Pierre-Louis

Comment (Jayson): Special-teams contributor and backup with the Seahawks.

35. Tharold Simon

Comment (Bob): Simon is proof that the Seahawks haven’t hit on every mid-round pick of a big, athletic cornerback. But he did have some good moments down the stretch in 2014 and probably doesn’t deserve all of the bad rap he gets for the Super Bowl loss since he was forced into some bad matchups due to injuries to others.

36. Winston Guy

Comment (Jayson): Part of the 2013 roster casualties but has made a nice career for himself as a backup.

37. Greg Scruggs

Comment (Bob): A sixth-rounder in 2012, had two sacks as a rookie but then saw his Seattle career scuttled by a knee injury.

38. John Moffitt

Comment (Jayson): The only player I’ve seen wear short shorts at practice.

39. Kevin Norwood

Comment (Bob): Fourth-rounder in 2014 was touted for making clutch catches at Alabama. Ended up making just nine for Seattle in 2014 and hasn’t made another since.

40. Obum Gwacham

Comment (Jayson): Sixth-round pick in 2015 had 2.5 sacks for the Saints that season.

41. Nick Vannett

Comment (Bob): A third-rounder in 2016, saw the field sparingly in 2016. But that should change in 2017 when he has a chance to emerge as a key part of the team’s future.

42. Kris Durham

Comment (Jayson): A bust with the Seahawks, Durham was cut during his rookie season. But he had 490 yards receiving for the Lions in 2013.

43. Eric Pinkins

Comment (Bob): Was tried just about everywhere in the secondary and at linebacker by the Seahawks, who saw some similarities to Chancellor. Now with the Giants.

44. Ty Powell

Comment (Jayson): Had 23 tackles in two seasons with the Bills after Seahawks cut him as a rookie.

45. Quinton Jefferson

Comment (Bob): Fifth-rounder in 2016 barely played as a rookie due to injuries, including a knee that required season-ending surgery. But has a chance to become a key part of the DL rotation this season.

46. Rees Odhiambo

Comment (Jayson): Played sparingly in a backup role as a rookie last season.

47. Jesse Williams

Comment (Bob): Few players were easier to root for than Williams, a fifth-rounder in 2013 who battled a slew of injuries and then cancer during his Seattle career. But sadly couldn’t overcome it enough to stay on the field and is now out of football.

48. Ryan Seymour

Comment (Jayson): Seventh-round pick in 2013 started three games for Cleveland in 2014.

49. Kristjan Sokoli

Comment (Bob): Seahawks’ fans sort of still liked the idea of converting defensive linemen to offense when Sokoli was taken in the sixth round in 2015. But he couldn’t make the switch work and is again a defensive lineman with the Colts.

50. Alex Collins

Comment (Jayson): Collins struggled with weight issues as a rookie but had a few moments of hope, including 55 yards and a touchdown in the last game of the season.

51. Joey Hunt

Comment (Bob): Too low for a player who could be a key part of the offensive line for a while? Certainly, the Seahawks hope so. But since he basically plays only center, future is tied to that of Britt, as well.

52. Dexter Davis

Comment (Jayson): Had one sack as a rookie in 2010.

53. Kenny Lawler

Comment (Bob): Spent rookie season in 2016 on and off the practice squad but should have a better chance to make the 53-man roster this season.

54. Kiero Small

Comment (Jayson): No idea if he can play but he was built like a jukebox.

55. Jameson Konz

Comment (Bob): The last pick of the first draft of the Carroll/Schneider era, the tight end playing in just one game for the Seahawks in 2011.

56. Lazarius Levingston

Comment (Jayson): Seventh-round pick in 2011 made one tackle for the Seahawks that season.

57. Ryan Murphy

Comment (Bob): Marshawn Lynch’s cousin didn’t even last through one training camp with the Seahawks after being taken in the seventh round in 2015. Now with the Giants.

58. Chris Harper

Comment (Jayson): The fourth-round pick out of Kansas State didn’t last one season in Seattle.

59. Jimmy Staten

Comment (Bob): A fifth-round defensive tackle in 2014, Staten has been amazingly well traveled having been on the roster of six NFL teams. But he’s played in just one game without recording a stat. Now with the Falcons.

60. E.J. Wilson

Comment (Jayson): Wilson played in two games in 2010, the only two games he played in the NFL.

61. Garrett Scott

Comment (Bob): Sixth-round pick in 2014, never took the field for Seattle after being quickly diagnosed with a heart condition that ended his football career.

62. Tye Smith

Comment (Jayson): Richard Sherman took him under his wing but Smith lasted just one season in Seattle.

63. Terry Poole

Comment (Bob): Emblematic of the team’s struggles to find good OL in the middle rounds, Poole was a fourth-round pick in 2015 who was never on Seattle’s active roster and now is with the Dolphins.

64. Jared Smith

Comment (Jayson): Never played a game but least he had a cool nickname: Fat Rabbit.

65. Mark LeGree

Comment (Bob): Seventh-round pick in 2010 was on the roster of eight different NFL teams without ever playing in a game. Currently out of football.

66. Zac Brooks

Comment (Jayson): Cut before the season in 2016 but did a great job designing columnist Matt Calkins’ apartment.