Russell Okung's consultant took to Twitter to defend Okung's deal on Thursday, while provided a good assessment of what the Seahawks did in free agency.

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A couple of interesting salary-cap related things to pass along about the Seahawks today:

  • First is this breakdown of what the Seahawks did (and did not do) in free agency from’s Jason Fitzgerald.

I might disagree with one thing — that the Seahawks don’t believe Marshawn Lynch is fully committed to retiring. Every indication I have is that anything related to the delays in putting him on the retirement list is not due to any thought he might still play. But Fitzgerald rightly notes there remains at least a little mystery there until something is done.

And he provides a great breakdown of Seattle’s salary cap situation and how they ultimately remove Lynch off the roster will impact it, writing:

We currently estimate the Seahawks to have around $7.5 million in cap space so losing $2.5 million would put Seattle in a difficult spot. Remember that Seattle has to set aside money for draft picks, roster expansions, injuries, and practice squad members, not to mention having two players, Bennett and Chancellor, who are unhappy with their current contracts, and another, Doug Baldwin, they may want to extend. $2.5 million essentially covers the practice squad, roster expansion to 53, and one injury.  Losing that would be difficult.

Among other interesting aspects of the article is a breakdown of where Seattle currently stands in spending by position. As is no surprise, the Seahawks are almost at the bottom in offensive line spending, at 31, but in the top 10 at seven other spots, including first at safety, where Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor each are making about as much as any at their position in the NFL.

  • Next is the below embedded tweet from Jimmy Halsell, a former NFL agent who served as Russell Okung’s consultant during his free agent negotiations and ultimately landing a heavily-criticized deal with the Denver Broncos. Halsell obviously has reason to defend Okung but it’s an interesting comparison he makes between the contract Okung got and that of Kelvin Beachum with Jacksonville. Beachum, like Okung, also has injury questions given his knee injury of last season, and signed his contract a few days before Okung did.