Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talked after the win over Dallas about Jimmy Graham's progress, Kam Chancellor's preseason debut and more.

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Here are five key takeaways from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s media session following Seattle’s 27-17 preseason win over Dallas Thursday.

1. Jimmy Graham had a good pre-game workout session and is another step closer to returning.

Graham had an intense session of running sprints about two hours before the game and then put on full pads and participated in the official pre-game warmup, the first time he has had on full pads and taken part in team drills since suffering a patellar tendon injury on Nov. 29.

Seahawks 27, Cowboys 17


“He looked great in pregame,’’ Carroll said. “He was flying. He was really fired up. He ran a ton of sprints before that workout, with the throwing and the catching and then he took all those plays, and then he took the pregame warmup. He was lit up about it afterward. He really felt good and that was a big step for him. I’m excited for him.”

Carroll also mentioned that he recently had Graham play some basketball to give him some movements that are not controlled (though how new this is is hard to tell as George Fant — like Graham, also a college basketball player, mentioned a few weeks ago he had also played some hoops with Graham recently).

Said Carroll: “The idea was to give him a chance to have to make moves that are not controlled. You have controlled workouts where you have bags and you’re changing direction and all those kind of things. I thought if he would just feel that, it would show him that he’s ready to go to the next level. We just had some fun doing it. I had him 3-2, in fact, he didn’t want me to tell you that. Then I stopped playing.”

2. Carroll liked what he saw from Kam Chancellor in his first game of the season — to a point.

Carroll liked the way Chancellor played overall but said the penalty on the late hit of Ezekiel Elliott is the kind of play the team needs to avoid.

“He felt really good, he wanted to play more,’’ Carroll said of Chancellor, who played a quarter. “I think he’s in great shape to get through this preseason, ready to go. He should come out this next week strong and we’re ready for him to be at full speed for the opener…. I think he made some good hits. He had one hit that he didn’t need to make. I think he needs to just choose not to, it was really close anyway. The way calls are being made we need to be more cognizant of not making that hit. But, he’s ready to go.”

Elliott, for his part, called the late hit, well, “a little dirty.”

“I don’t know what that was,” he said. “It was a little dirty.”
3. The Seahawks got a better pass rush with four sacks, but also got creative to do so.
In the so-called dress rehearsal of the preseason, the Seahawks showed more varied looks than they did in the first two games — bringing Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright on pressure on an early play, for instance, Jeremy Lane on a corner blitz later in the game.

“That was really good,’’ Carroll said. “The guys executed way better than we had in the first two games in terms of the pressures and stuff like that that we mixed in there. I think Kris did a good job of giving those guys a chance to play aggressively tonight. They took to it, they did real well.’’

4. C.J. Prosise had a promising debut and will get a lot more work next week at Oakland.

Prosise had 23 yards on four carries playing mostly on third downs early in the game and then getting some early-down work later in the game.

“He looked good,’’ Carroll said. “He looked just fine. He was very comfortable. I want to see what he looks like when he comes off the field after getting hit for the first time. He was smiling and looking forward to another chance. He went out a couple more times, and he handled it well. He’s played a lot of big games, and it wasn’t any big deal. He didn’t know that until he did it, but once he got out there, he realized it was just the same as football has been for him. That’s a great sign. We’re going to use the heck out of him this week, and expect him to play a lot and have a big role in preparation for the opener.”

5. Tanner McEvoy opened a few more eyes with his 43-yard reception that helped set up a score.

McEvoy played tight end this week to add depth with injuries having hit that spot, and as he has done throughout the preseason took advantage of his chance to make a big play with a long catch that set up Seattle’s second touchdown.

“He’s doing a lot of good stuff,’’ Carroll said. “You saw him play tight end tonight. Remember, he played safety for us at one time. He’s shown that he’s very flexible. A very smart football player, things come to him very easily. That was a huge play he made. I think he might be the only guy who got nicked tonight. He might have tweaked his groin a little bit. It wasn’t the hamstring that he had a couple days ago, that would question whether he would play tonight. He got through that, but something else popped up. I don’t think there’s any other injuries that we’re reporting at this time.”