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Hope Solo

She just said what we all thought

Come on, people. Lay off Hope Solo. She only voiced what many soccer fans were thinking when she lambasted Sweden for their style of play in their match in Rio. Her angry outburst was imprudent but not deserving of all the critical scrutiny and sanctions she’s getting.

After all, this was the Olympics. And what did we get from the Swedish team? Four total shots on goal in two games (U.S. and Brazil). They packed 10 players behind the ball and risked nothing on offense. They weren’t even trying to score. It’s not as if Sweden is an underdog team. They have top-tier talent. Caroline Seger, Lotta Schelin, Kosovare Asllani, and Lisa Dahlkvist rank among the best attack players in the game.

Sweden’s strategy was all defense to get to a shootout, which is a lousy way for anyone to win or lose a soccer match.

In the heat of the moment, Solo just voiced the disgust we all felt watching such a poor display of sport. Leave her alone.

Steven Lequire, Des Moines

Would be a tough way to go out

She was right regarding the Briana Scurry decision.

She wasn’t wrong regarding Brandi Chastain.

Change the word “coward” and she’s right regarding Sweden.

Either way, these were all her opinions, she never spoke on behalf of the team. U.S. Soccer can talk to her about this all they want, but any discipline is a joke.

If they want her back for when the games start to matter again, they can recall her. Though, with a few years to go, and her age, she may be done anyway. It would be a shame if the greatest women’s goalkeeper went out this way.

Far from home (online comment)

It’s been too much to put up with

I completely agree with Matt Calkins (“The easy way out,” Aug. 25). I’m a very proud UW supporter and followed and rooted for UW athletes throughout the Olympics.

However, Hope Solo has been an embarrassment for my school, our city and U.S. women’s soccer for 10-plus years now. She needs to go!

mike4uw (online comment

Solo is not a role model for anyone

Hope Solo is not a role model for women of any age. She reminds me of Donald Trump: a bully. So let’s not hear how it would be different for her if she was a male athlete. Her demeanor is no compliment to either gender.

Reality (online comment)


Resiliency is good, winning is better

Team building and resiliency are fine, but pro sports is about winning (“Tough losses don’t faze resilient Mariners,” Aug. 24). The Royals had won 11 of 12 entering the weekend. And they know how to win the World Series. Look out, resilient M’s.

The M’s have a ragtag starting rotation. That’s what, in the end, could do them in. But they do have a good attitude. That helps. Anything can happen. But it probably won’t.

tomfool69 (online comment)

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