President Donald Trump's immigration ban has caused shock and outrage among athletes and coaches in the sports world, while leagues themselves have remained silent.

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Brand Keys president Robert Passikoff in New York and sports immigration lawyer Jon Velie in Oklahoma discuss how teams and leagues will go about handling President Donald Trump’s immigration ban both in public and in private. Some keen insights on what to watch out for next.

This week’s headlines:

1. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson becomes the latest professional athlete to speak out against President Trump and his policies.

2. It’s Super Bowl week in Houston and the American Gaming Association says $4.7 billion will be gambled on the big game this year — $4.5 billion of it illegally.

3. Sticking with the Super Bowl, the price of a 30-second TV commercial for the big game will cost $5 million — up from $4.8 million last year.

4. The St. Louis Cardinals are ordered to forfeit their top two draft picks and pay $2 million in compensation to the Houston Astros after a Cards employee was imprisoned for hacking into their computer system in 2015.

All that, plus a commentary on where the “Stick to Sports” crowd should stick to silence when it comes to criticizing athletes for speaking out about political issues.