David Ortiz’s recent performance predicting World Series games shows why MLB’s gambling rules exist.

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Looks like Fox put the wrong prognosticator on its World Series pregame shows.

While the network’s David Ortiz went 0 for 6 predicting the first Series’ first six games, a bettor in Las Vegas reportedly let it ride while betting on Games 1-6 and won $14 million.

Both wisely declined to push their luck for Game 7.


• At TheKicker.com: “Trump calls Ravens to remind them ‘Flacco knew what he signed up for.’ ”

• At SportsPickle.com: “John Calipari lands Amazon headquarters.”

Bowling 600

Husband and wife Michael and Jasmine Snell bowled 300 games on the same night in Omaha, Neb.

Or as they’re now known around Chops Bowling Alley, the perfect couple.


The chartered plane carrying the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder last Saturday landed in Chicago with its nose cone completely caved in — the result of an apparent collision with a bird.

Here’s guessing it was a blocking fowl.

Paging Mr. Spacely

Headline opportunity missed: Astros’ George Jettisons Dodgers.

Seeing red

Athletes from 11 Chicago-area Roller Derby leagues hosted a “Make ’em Bleed” blood-drive event on Oct. 29.

What, they didn’t give enough at the office?

It wasn’t a friendly

Italian fourth-division soccer player Giovanni Liberti has been suspended five games for urinating toward the opposing team’s fans.

What, no yellow card?

Bolts’ No. 1 draft pick?

A baby with the last name Frankenstein was born on Halloween in Winter Park, Fla.

Coincidence? The kid already tops Mel Kiper’s big board for 2038.

Sports ‘Jeopardy!”

A: Astros shortstop Carlos Correa

Q: Name the only baseball player to ever earn a ring and give one out in less than an hour.

Talking the talk

• Will Brinson of CBSsports.com, on Cleveland’s front office blowing a deal for Bengals QB A.J. McCarron: “It’s basically the NFL trade deadline’s version of ‘I gave my 10-page final paper to Steve; he said he was turning it in, Mr. Hand.’ The Browns are Jeff Spicoli.”

• Washington State football coach Mike Leach, to Pac-12 Networks, on his disdain for Halloween candy corn: “It’s like fruitcake. There’s a reason they only serve fruitcake once a year.”

• RJ Currie of SportsDeke.com, after Tiger Woods pleaded guilty to reckless driving: “His short game hasn’t been much, either.”

Caught looking

Dodger-fan inmates at the Los Angeles County Jail got special permission to stay up late and watch Game 7 of the World Series, TMZ reported.

Though after watching the first two innings — when the Astros jumped to a 5-0 lead — they’re now citing cruel and unusual punishment.

More headlines

• At SportsPickle.com: “Study: Youth participation in football dropping as more parents fear their sons could develop into Browns QBs.”

• At Fark.com: “Dolphins trade Jay Ajayi to Eagles for a cheesesteak, batteries and a shellshocked Santa.”

Playing hard-Vol

Some unhappy Tennessee football fans have begun an “Empty Neyland” campaign in hopes that a bunch of no-shows will get Butch Jones fired.

Hey, if empty seats at home was all it took, the Chargers would be changing head coaches every other week.

Quote marks

• Mike Bianchi of the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel, stumping for the removal of pot as a banned substance in sports: “Seriously, is there anything more hypocritical than a bunch of old farts sitting around getting sauced on vodka martinis while lamenting young athletes who smoke marijuana?”

• Times reader Charlie Gay, after Texans owner Bob McNair’s “inmates running the prison” comment ticked off his players: “And you thought the only chain gang on a football field was the crew marking the first downs.”

• Cam Hutchinson of the Saskatoon Express, appalled by the eye-gouging, throat grab and head shots he saw on TV. “Professional wrestling, or the Miami Dolphins in a game against the Baltimore Ravens?”

• Jim Barach of WCHS-TV in Charleston, W.Va., on why Warriors star Steph Curry was the only name mentioned in the GOP tax proposal: “The new Republican strategy of dribble-down economics.”

• NBC’s Jimmy Fallon, announcing that the Winter Olympics are just 100 days away: “That means you have just 100 days to pretend you understand curling.”

• Hall of Fame DB Deion Sanders, to NFL Network, on Steelers WR Martavis Bryant acting like a diva: “He needs to understand that, baby, you’re an accessory, you’re not the suit. You’re the tie … and the suit is Antonio Brown.”

• Comedy writer Alex Kaseberg, on the NFL trying to pinpoint the cause of its flagging TV ratings: “We will bring you the rest of this joke following another penalty, a coach challenge, an injury timeout and a long commercial break.”

• Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, on the Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig dying his hair blue for the World Series: Now he matches the air in L.A.

• Ex-Maple Leafs star Wendel Clark, to the East Central (Sask.) Trader, on his rural hometown of Kelvington renaming the street that runs past the arena and grain elevators in his honor: “There’s 24 hours in a day: 12 were spent on the farm, and 12 were spent in the rink. Should I throw school in there somewhere?”

• Reader Angelo, to The Plain Dealer of Cleveland, on what Browns receivers have in common with the front office: “They both drop the ball.”