Cricket sponsorship in Australia these days is suddenly the pits.

Umpires’ uniforms in the Big Bash League will feature the logo of deodorant brand Rexona on each side under the arms — visible only when a “six” (both arms raised, two logos revealed) or a “bye” (just one) is being signaled.

“Putting it under the arm is better than blazing it in neon lights … as soon as a finger goes up, Rexona’s brand value is increased,” Robin Canniford, a sports-marketing professor at the University of Melbourne, told the London Guardian. “That’s hardly a value-free action — wickets make money.”


• At “UNLV quarterback Max Gilliam says it was a mistake to be recorded eating sushi off a nude model on reality television.”

• At “Stir-crazy Nick Saban builds assistant coach to scream at in quarantine.”


Cardboard cutouts of six “Sopranos” characters — Tony Soprano, wife Carmella, henchman Paulie Walnuts, daughter Meadow, nephew Christopher and consigliere Silvio — were sitting courtside at Rutgers’ basketball game against Syracuse on Tuesday night.

But no, Tim Donaghy wasn’t reffing the game.

Dress for success

According to, wearing an ugly holiday sweater can be a real icebreaker for singles in search of love.


If that’s the case, just imagine what wearing a Seahawks lime-green jersey might do!

Taking it to the streets

Skateboarding has been added to the medal events for this year’s Olympics, and break dancing will likewise be in the lineup at the 2024 Paris Games.

Somehow not passing IOC muster: a motion to change the Olympic motto to “Sicker, Hipper, Gnarlier.”

Pleading the sixth

The Big Ten relented and rescinded its six-game minimum so that fourth-ranked Ohio State can play in the conference football title game (and inevitably make league members a whole bunch of money playing in the College Football Playoffs).

So what’s next — giving the Buckeyes a complimentary fifth down if needed vs. Northwestern?

Dunks, for no dunks

The NFL fined Panthers safety Jeremy Chinn $5,606 for dunking the ball over the crossbar after he returned a fumble for a touchdown against the Vikings.


In other words, he violated the Lew Alcindor Rule.

Why, of course

A man who broke into the vacant Brookline, Massachusetts, mansion owned by Buccaneers QB quarterback Tom Brady was arrested after he was detected by security cameras.

Police, in keeping with the theme, refused comment until they’ve seen the films.

Bowled over

The LSU Tigers — they of the 3-5 record — have self-imposed a one-year bowl ban over improper booster payments to players.

The 0-12 New York Jets, not to be outdone, immediately vowed to turn down any and all NFL playoff invitations.

Leaving the House

Michigan football center Zach Carpenter has entered the NCAA transfer portal.

Forget the victors — hail to the first Uber out of town.


Testing … 4 … 5 … 6

James Harden needs six straight negative COVID-19 tests before he can be cleared to start practicing with the Rockets.

Or, as Harden apologists tried to spin it: Back-to-back threes? No problem.

Penalty on the play

Free-agent linebacker Vontaze Burfict was arrested in Nevada on a misdemeanor battery charge involving security guards, according to Clark County court records.

The NFL, simply out of habit, immediately suspended him for six games.

Talking the talk

• Blogger Patti Dawn Swansson, after the Canucks canned longtime anthem singer Mark Donnelly for doing his thing at a B.C. rally protesting COVID-19 restrictions: “Guess that rules out an appearance on ‘The Masked Singer.’ ”

• Comedy writer Alex Kaseberg, via Twitter, on a possible Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. rematch in Las Vegas: “It will billed as ‘The Geezers at Caesars.’ ”


• @sreekyshooter, via Twitter, on the promise of “100 million shots in the first 100 days”: “Joe Biden in D.C. … Russell Westbrook in D.C.”

One and not done

The Gonzaga-Baylor men’s basketball game featuring the 1-2 teams in the country was scuttled by positive tests in the Bulldogs’ camp.

In a related story, COVID-19 was just voted No. 1 in the latest AP poll.

Quote marks

• Janice Hough of, on the death of legendary test pilot Chuck Yeager — the first to break the sound barrier — at age 97: “But if ANYONE could be in heaven before the Devil knew he was dead …”

• Blogger Chad Picasner, after Phillies owner John Middleton said he wouldn’t trade ace pitcher Zack Wheeler for Babe Ruth: “If his reason was that Babe has been dead for 72 years, then it’s a smart move.”

• Dan Daly of, after ex-Ravens WR Torrey Smith called Pittsburgh “the worst undefeated team in the history of football”: “The Steelers were 11-0 in a pandemic. It’s like talking about ‘my least-favorite Monet.’ ”


He’s not talking

The Nets’ Kyrie Irving released a preseason statement instead of talking to media, he said, to make sure his message was “conveyed properly.”

There goes any hope of getting his latest Earth-is-flat insight.

Quote, end quote

• Nick Piastowski of, on why Michael Jordan’s new The Grove XXIII golf course in Hobe Sound, Florida, is using drones to deliver refreshments: “He was Michael ‘Air’ Jordan. Not Michael ‘Beer Cart’ Jordan. Not Michael ‘Hot Dog at the Turn’ Jordan.”

• Browns QB Baker Mayfield, to reporters, with a “The Office” inspired quote on what’s different about him this season: “Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, ‘Would an idiot do that?’ And if they would, then I don’t do that.”

• Ex-NBA star Charles Barkley, to The Golf Channel’s “Feherty” show, after giving hypnotism a try to improve his game: “All I got was a good nap. I woke up with the same crappy swing.”