A jilted lover got her revenge by giving up her ex-boyfriend’s prized fishing holes to the highest bidder.

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Talk about getting unhooked on love.

New Zealander Angela Potter — piqued when her angler boyfriend abruptly ditched her — exacted revenge by going online and offering up the GPS coordinates to his favorite fishing holes to the highest bidder. She wound up with 90,000 responses — and $3,000.

She also has a new boyfriend who likes fishing, too, but she hasn’t disclosed the secret spots to him.

“I wouldn’t do that,” Potter told Stuff magazine. “I’m fairly honorable in that respect.”

NFL headlines

• At TheKicker.com: “Dedication: Belichick forces children of players to attend school during blizzard.”

• At SportsPickle.com: “Report: Steelers worried Patriots will pick up Le’Veon Bell if they cut him.”

Whoa is he

Dubuque assistant women’s basketball coach Justin Smith was hailed as a hero for rushing up from his seat and slamming on the brakes of the team bus after the driver passed out while going 70 mph on a Kentucky freeway.

Basketball purists can’t decide whether to call it a textbook fast brake — or getting a much-needed stop.

Smoke signals

How cold was it in Detroit late last month? Locals were asking Jim Caldwell if he’d mind sharing his hot seat.

Smoke rings, anyone?

Ex-heavyweight champ Mike Tyson and some business partners broke ground last month on a cannabis resort in California City, Calif.

Or, as the crow flies in California, about 500 miles south of Weed.


1 and 8? Hold off on printing up those Pac-12 bowling shirts!

Guaranteed to run

Jaguars rookie running back Leonard Fournette purchased Rolex watches for his starting offensive linemen and two backups to reward them for his 1,040-yard rushing season.

In other words, there were seven in the box.

Pitting in Green Bay

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and race-car driver Danica Patrick were reportedly spotted out on a date at a Green Bay restaurant.

Either that or they were just discussing the finer points of two-minute drives.

For the birds

According to a new study, ravens are capable of planning for the future.

Fans who witnessed Baltimore getting knocked out of the NFL playoffs after giving up a last-minute, 49-yard TD pass might beg to differ.

Talking the talk

• RJ Currie of SportsDeke.com, after LaVar Ball told USA Today his son Lonzo is a better player than Steph Curry: “If there was a concussion tent in basketball, they’d never let LaVar out of it.”

• Janice Hough of LeftCoastSportsBabe.com, on Georgia’s 54-48 OT win over Oklahoma: “So when did the Rose Bowl turn into the college-football equivalent of the NBA All-Star Game?”


Hirsute Sharks star Joe Thornton lost a chunk of his prized beard when he came to blows with the Maple Leafs’ Nazem Kadri just two seconds into Thursday’s game.

Two minutes for clipping, anyone?

More headlines

• At Fark.com: “Alabama’s strength coach smashes last year’s national-championship runner-up trophy / No word on what he did with this year’s 3rd place in the SEC trophy.”

• At TheKicker.com: “Giants considering anyone who’s ever met Belichick for head coach.”

Quote marks

• Jessica Tara Cox, newly married to Angels superstar and weather fanatic Mike Trout, tweeting about his obsession with the East Coast snowstorm: “He’s about one weather-map photo short of me muting his text-message alerts.”

• Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, on the DePaul basketball walk-on named Pantelis Xidias: “Everybody’s rooting for him to make it except the DePaul play-by-play guy.”

• Blogger TC Chong, on the expansion Las Vegas Knights’ 17-2-1 home record: “Does the policy of having the visiting team partake in the ‘two-drink minimum’ have anything to do with this?”

• Basketball broadcaster Gus Johnson, on the frigid temperatures in East Lansing, where he was calling the Michigan State-Maryland game: “So cold, folks, a guy could rob you with a bucket of water.”

• Greg Cote of The Miami Herald, after New York acquired Giancarlo Stanton to go with fellow slugger Aaron Judge: “In the Bronx, Yankees fans are partying like it’s 1927.”

• Jim Barach of WCHS-TV in Charleston, W.Va., on Alex Rodriguez’s reward for serving as the University of Miami’s commencement speaker: “An honorary degree in chemical engineering.”