Russell Wilson is only adding to his celebrity status with an appearance in the upcoming "Entourage" movie set to release on June 3.

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It’s no secret the Seahawks’ continued success has brought about a great deal of fame and notoriety to the team and its stars. And it seems no other Seahawks player has embraced the spotlight more than Russell Wilson. The quarterback has become the face of several companies, including Alaska Airlines and Bose, he’s been featured in chart-topping rap songs and now he apparently is dating one of pop music’s biggest stars.

Wilson was at it again, putting his acting skills to the test in the upcoming movie “Entourage,” based on the popular television series, which ran for eight seasons on HBO. In an effort to promote the upcoming movie — set to release on June 3 — the stars of the show visited the Seahawks facility at VMAC this week for a pre-screening of the movie.


Fear not, Seahawks fans. As it turns out, Russell Wilson may not be hanging up the spikes for a career in acting anytime soon, at least that’s what actor Kevin Connolly, who plays the character Eric Murphy in the show, said in an interview on 710 ESPN Seattle Wednesday.

When asked about the quarterback’s acting skills, Connolly said, “Russell was very natural, but I would definitely keep the day job.”

You can judge for yourself from this sneak peek of Wilson’s cameo appearance in the film:

While Wilson’s stardom continues to grow, it’s still clear that his football prowess is what got him there in the first place. But hey, an appearance on the big screen sure doesn’t hurt.