Marshawn Lynch appeared on Animal Planet's show "Tanked" on Friday, and came away with an aquarium of tropical fish that have their own Beast Mode qualities.

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Beast Mode is going aquatic.

Marshawn Lynch made an appearance Friday on “Tanked,” the popular Animal Planet show devoted to customizing fish tanks for celebrity guests.


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Lynch’s tank was appropriately decked out with some of the baddest tropical fish in the sea. His new pets include a Blue-lined triggerfish, or “the team captain,” as the hosts put it; a Harlequin tusk fish, which has a set of mean-looking blue teeth; and a Volitan lionfish, aptly named for its pointed poisonous fins.

But it’s not just the fish that put Lynch’s tank into Beast Mode. The 500-gallon bulletproof tank was also designed in the shape of the “B” logo of Lynch’s Beast Mode brand, and even came installed with neon-lit “B” logos inside the tank.

“Oh, yeah, this turned out nice,” Lynch said of his fish’s new digs. “They’re going to have a good time in there. It’s perfect.”


Watch Marshawn’s reaction:

And watch Marshawn’s reaction when asked if he wants to touch the sea creatures (he doesn’t).