Highlights of a live chat with Danny Bonaduce, now a morning host on KZOK 102.5 FM and ring announcer for the Emerald Queen Casino.

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Danny Bonaduce, a former child actor on “The Partridge Family” and now ring announcer at the Emerald Queen Casino fights and a morning DJ on KZOK 102.5 FM, talked about living in Seattle, his reality TV series and fight with Jose Canseco in a live chat Wednesday with readers.

Q: How are you enjoying your new hometown, Seattle? What’s your take on our weather?

Bonaduce: The weather is no surprise. If you move to Seattle, and a little rain and a little gray shock you, you obviously have no friends. It’s the first thing everybody tells you. What they don’t tell you is how beautiful it is. I already bought a house here in Upper Queen Anne.

Q: How long would David Cassidy last in the ring with you?

Bonaduce: I would be surprised if David Cassidy could actually physically climb over the ropes.

Q: So when are you going to appear on “Celebrity Apprentice”?

Bonaduce: I don’t really want to do that kind of show, but I would do “Celebrity Apprentice to avenge David Cassidy’s horrifyingly embarrassing defeat.” He got called a “little person” by Jose Canseco. To Jose Canseco, the whole world is a little person. But I’ve had the pleasure of punching Jose Canseco in the face.

Q: Would you ever consider acting in or even writing a movie based in Seattle?

Bonaduce: I just finished doing a movie in Seattle. I would say it’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done. But then, there’s that whole incident in Phoenix with the man in the dress. The movie is about looking for Bigfoot with Greg Brady. Have I mentioned I’ve sold my dignity?

Q: Your radio show has a segment called “Danny Bonaduce Life Coach.” Given your track record, what qualifies you to be a life coach?

Bonaduce: My track record is exactly what qualifies me to be a life coach. If you’ve been down as far as I’ve been down, if you’ve been as broke as I’ve been, if you’ve spent two years living in abandoned buildings and now you get paid buckets of money to do morning radio, you’re doing something right.

Q: Tell us about your work at the boxing shows at the Emerald Queen. How is that going?

Bonaduce: It’s awesome. It’s the main reason really that I’m back on a diet and training. The part my wife knows is that I was sitting ringside, thinking I can take a couple of these guys. What she doesn’t know is I’m actually thinking about trying. If she finds out I’ve agreed to fight again, she’ll be the first one to hit me. In all honesty, my wife is the last person who knocked me out. A hook. It was an accident. … Aside from being one of the greatest girls in the whole world, my wife has a fantastic left hook.

Q: Would you consider stepping into the ring vs. just some average schmuck trying to get in shape and see how he’d do against you?

Bonaduce: How do you define the biggest loser? One of us was on one of the most popular television shows in the history of TV and is now fighting strangers for no good reason. If we have to pick the biggest loser, I’m voting for me.

Q: What teams do you follow, if any?

Bonaduce: You can’t get much closer with a sports team than this — I went on my honeymoon with the Philadelphia Phillies. I wasn’t really supposed to, it just worked out weird. It was me and the Phillies and some preacher on the beach in Hawaii.

Q: Did you get along with Shirley Jones?

Bonaduce: Shirley Jones could not have been kinder to me. Although one time she did go a little bit crazy. I think everybody kind of forgot I was 10 years old and expected me to act like a grown-up all the time. One day I was being particularly childish and it obviously made her mad. And she yelled, “Danny!” and then pointed upstairs and said, “Go to your room right now.” I had to explain to her: “This is a set. There is no upstairs. We don’t really live here. You need to calm down.” She had a good laugh, but I think she’s still embarrassed.