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In defense of Cam Newton

I spent more than 25 years in Seattle suffering through Seahawks and Mariners games in the Kingdome (I was even there the night the tiles fell) until finally there was an All-Star Game at Safeco and playoff games at CenturyLInk. But I live in Charlotte now.

It’s bad enough Alaska Airlines doesn’t fly here, and I can’t get a decent piece of salmon, and I’m going to have to put up with getting the needle from Panther fans all year. I just hope I don’t have to put up with any more reports of silly Seattle fans making embarrassing proposals to ban Cam Newton. Instead we should be hoping for home-field advantage next season, because watching Newton play football is one of the great experiences in sports.

Newton’s been a role model who works hard in the community, especially with children. He’s a professional who’s worked on his craft, getting better, leading by example. He is passionate about the game, and plays it with a childlike joy that is without anger.

Seattle and Carolina are destined to cross paths in January for years to come. When that happens, I’ll celebrate the rare opportunity to see two teams led by great quarterbacks. I’m still going to root for my Hawks, and I’ll always miss Seattle, but I’m going to smile and be thankful I got the opportunity to watch Newton play.

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I hope the rest of the Seattle fans will as well.

Jon Curley, Charlotte, N.C.

Petition is silly, Seahawks fans

Note to Seahawks fans: Don’t embarrass the team, players, or other fans in general by launching some silly petition to ban Cam Newton at CenturyLink .

They were the better team this year. Newton throwing a “12” flag onto the field? Big deal. They beat us.

Live with it and move on.

Richard B. Ellenberger, Normandy Park

Shoe was on other quarterback’s foot

Russell Wilson is too kind. He won’t say it. So I will. Tom Brady, with another Super Bowl within his reach, throwing an interception at the goal line? Sweet.

Dan Reeder, Seattle

Was equipment an issue for Pats?

I watched the Patriots-Broncos game and it seemed that Tom Brady’s problems stemmed from a fully-inflated football.

Roger Ferleman, Redmond

Can’t get enough of the Seahawks

How dare you!

For the first time in a while, neither the front page of Friday’s Seattle Times nor the front page of the sports section had an article about our beloved Seahawks!

Don’t you folks know that there are no other sports in Seattle? There is no baseball. There is no hockey. There is no basketball. There is no soccer. No prep sports, no collegiate sports. no hydro racing, no horse racing, no car racing, no Olympics. There is only the Seahawks. Seahawks, Seahawks, SEAHAWKS!

And don’t you also know the Seahawks are Super Bowl champs? OK, maybe they are just Super Bowl runners-up. Ooops! I guess they are just also-rans. Sorry, my mistake.

Matt Devine, Renton


No fan of Jerry Dipoto

I got sick before finishing Friday’s “new wave” baseball stories (“Mariners take a new approach,” Jan. 29) but at least now I understand Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto. Of course a strong, consistent message is the perfect antidote to .229 hitters! No need to keep talented young players like Brad Miller when you can acquire discounted journeymen down on their batting luck and “communicate” them back up.

It must be working because this was surely music to Howard Lincoln’s ears when he made the mistake of hiring you. No wonder Mike Scioscia quit listening.

Bob Sheffels, Seattle

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