EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Official Angie Enlund was hurt at the end of the Rutgers-Michigan State women’s basketball game Wednesday and taken to a hospital.

After the final buzzer, Rutgers player Tekia Mack was heading back to the Scarlet Knights bench when she inadvertently ran over Enlund at center court, hitting her hard.

Enlund was on the ground for a few minutes and taken off on a stretcher. She did have mobility and movement of her extremities and went to a hospital to be further evaluated.

A Michigan State spokeswoman said Enlund would be kept overnight at the hospital with a concussion but that she had no fractures.

“I know she was unconscious for a period of time,” Michigan State coach Suzy Merchant said. “They took her in an ambulance, but it’s a very scary and serious thing. She hit very, very hard. She hit her head really hard, so I would just pray for her and her family and hope that she is going to be OK.”

Rutgers players huddled in front of their bench holding hands in a circle praying for Enlund.

The 25th-ranked Scarlet Knights won 63-53.