Despite a disapproving glare from Oakland outfielder Cody Ross, this young Athletics fan was happy to snag a Mariners home-run ball.

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For baseball fans, there are few joys greater than catching a home run ball. It’s a thrill that may come just once in a lifetime — if that — for most.

Nick Badders, a proud Oakland Athletics fan, who on Saturday during his team’s eventual 5-4 loss to the Mariners, was lucky enough to snag a home run ball in the third inning. As points out, Badders had previously collected hundreds of game balls, but this one was special because it was his first home-run prize.

Despite the ball coming off the bat of Mariners’ Dustin Ackley, Badders was seemingly content to add to his collection. But not everyone was as happy with his decision to pocket the ball. Upon seeing the Mariners take an early 1-0 lead, A’s outfielder Cody Ross apparently gave Badders a disapproving glare as the young fan chose to celebrate his catch in lieu of tossing it back.


While Ross may not have been pleased with your decision, we salute you, Nick.