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Team Comment
1. Pittsburgh (13-1) Steelers are driven by coach of the year’s Cowher Power.
2. Philadelphia (13-1) Eagles got home field, but it cost them a T.O.
3. New England (12-2) Losing to Dolphins is the worst Miami vice.
4. Indianapolis (11-3) Manning set expectations so high, fans booed one TD pass.
5. San Diego (11-3) AFC West champs again, and it took only 10 years.
6. N.Y. Jets (10-4) Jets want to show Patriots they belong among AFC’s elite.
7. Atlanta (11-3) Vick won’t start earning that $130 million this week.
8. Denver (8-6) Everyone’s picking on Plummer, who has NFL-high 19 INTs.
9. Green Bay (8-6) Favre would rather be in Jacksonville than Honolulu anyway.
10. Baltimore (8-6) Usual story: Four Pro Bowl defenders, Ogden on offense.
11. Jacksonville (8-6) With wild card on line, Jags set for crazy final two weeks.
12. Buffalo (8-6) AFC deck is stacked against Mularkey’s red-hot Bills.
13. Seattle (7-7) Sea-fense? How about See-thru-fence.
14. Minnesota (8-6) Win over Lions was a snap. Now about those Packers …
15. Carolina (6-8) After 1-7 start, almost made it back to .500 — and playoffs.
16. St. Louis (6-8) Bulger’s back — and not a minute too soon.
17. Houston (6-8) It’s .500 or bust for third-year franchise.
18. Cincinnati (6-8) Comeback player Kitna came back to earth.
19. New Orleans (6-8) Saints alive! Haslett’s underachievers are still in the hunt.
20. Tampa Bay (5-9) Gruden’s players are starting to point fingers for collapse.
21. Kansas City (6-8) Chief problem: Six losses by eight points or less.
22. Tennessee (4-10) No DB has covered D. Bennett the past three games (8 TDs).
23. Detroit (5-9) Lions would kick themselves if they could get snap right.
24. Dallas (5-9) With Vinny talking retirement, will Parcells call Phil Simms?
25. Chicago (5-9) 8 points the past two weeks and still in the playoff race.
26. Arizona (5-9) Green threw in the towel on McCown too early.
27. N.Y. Giants (5-9) Eli had his best game vs. Steelers, but it wasn’t enough.
28. Washington (5-9) Gibbs finally figured out why team drafted Ramsey.
29. Oakland (5-9) With 12 TD passes in last four games, Collins is catching on.
30. Cleveland (3-11) Browns so bad they lost to surfer dudes in a snowstorm.
31. Miami (3-11) Dolphins showed New England they’re not complete patsies.
32. San Francisco (2-12) Donahue already trying to bluff suitors for No. 1 pick.