Nfl power Rankings By Chris Cluff, Seattle Times staff TeamComment 1. Pittsburgh (11-1)After 10 straight wins, they're renaming city Roethlisburgh. 2. New England (11-1)Pats play...

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By Chris Cluff, Seattle Times staff

Team Comment
1. Pittsburgh (11-1) After 10 straight wins, they’re renaming city Roethlisburgh.
2. New England (11-1) Pats play same CD every week — they like Dillon’s sound.
3. Philadelphia (11-1) If not for Manning, M in MVP would stand for McNabb.
4. Indianapolis (9-3) Harrison’s biggest catch this season: $67 million.
5. San Diego (9-3) McCardell is bucking the media during Bucs week.
6. N.Y. Jets (9-3) Jets still feel disrespected. Where’s Aretha Franklin?
7. Atlanta (9-3) When Mora’s Falcons lose, they lose big.
8. Denver (7-5) For Shanahan and Broncos, it’s playoffs or bust.
9. Green Bay (7-5) Can’t catch Unitas’ TD streak, so Favre gets Johnny’s crewcut.
10. Minnesota (7-5) RB is a Duck, coach is a lame duck who wants to be a Husky.
11. Baltimore (7-5) Ray Lewis plays vigorous defense — against the media.
12. Jacksonville (6-6) Leftwich upstaged by his friend and fellow MAC quarterback.
13. Buffalo (6-6) With 3 TDs, McGee has put some kick in Bills’ returns.
14. St. Louis (6-6) Rams hope Chris Chandler doesn’t turn into Chris Miller.
15. Seattle (6-6) Hawks’ big challenge: Find a more improbable way to lose.
16. Houston (5-7) Texans still in a tiff about Colts running up the score last time.
17. Cincinnati (6-6) Calmer Palmer is starting to play like a No. 1 pick.
18. Carolina (5-7) Delhomme & Muhammad throw Panthers into playoff mix.
19. Tampa Bay (5-7) Bucs need four more wins like Week 13 shutout of Falcons.
20. Tennessee (4-7) Casts of M*A*S*H and ER couldn’t fix broken Titans.
21. New Orleans (4-8) Even Haslett is joking about his job and team now.
22. Kansas City (4-8) Priest is done, but Chiefs didn’t have a prayer anyway.
23. Detroit (5-7) As Kevin showed, Lions are Jonesin’ for a playoff spot.
24. Arizona (4-8) Green was just joshin’; McCown really is his quarterback.
25. N.Y. Giants (5-7) Fassel’s back this week, and it’s like he never left.
26. Dallas (5-7) Julius seized the day on Monday night.
27. Chicago (5-7) Forget Starsky; Hutch did fine driving Bears’ Gran Torino.
28. Cleveland (3-9) Even Cool Hand Luke McCown can’t save this team.
29. Washington (4-8) With 31 points, offense finally graduated from high school.
30. Oakland (4-8) Raiders have many woes, but Collins no longer one of them.
31. Miami (2-10) Marino passes on leading Dolphins’ comeback in 2005.
32. San Francisco (1-11) Niners need to borrow Cal’s Aaron Rodgers & J.J. Arrington.