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Team Comment
1. Pittsburgh (12-1) The Bus has 13,037 yards and a few air miles, too.
2. New England (12-1) Do Patriots & Weis really need the luck of the Irish?
3. Philadelphia (12-1) Looks like NFC playoffs are Linc’d through Philly.
4. Indianapolis (10-3) Manning (46 TDs) and defense (41 sacks) apply pressure.
5. San Diego (10-3) Chargers figure to host their own Holiday Bowl this season.
6. N.Y. Jets (9-4) With Pennington sore, Martin continues to shoulder load.
7. Atlanta (10-3) Even without Duckett, NFC South champs are well-grounded.
8. Denver (8-5) Shanahan plans to pay Plummer “obscene” bonus to stay.
9. Green Bay (8-5) In Jacksonville this week, Packers hope to return Feb. 6.
10. Baltimore (8-5) Ravens still have wild-card ride through Indy and Pittsburgh.
11. Jacksonville (7-6) Like 2005 capacity at Alltell, playoff chances are shrinking.
12. Buffalo (7-6) It’ll be tough for suddenly explosive Bills to get playoff spot.
13. St. Louis (6-7) Chandler’s Pick 6 almost took Rams out of the race.
14. Seattle (7-6) Don’t pick on Boulware because he’ll pick back.
15. Minnesota (7-6) Moss should take throwing lessons from Steelers’ Bettis.
16. Carolina (6-7) From 1-7 to wild-card leader; isn’t the NFC great?
17. Houston (5-8) Capers’ motto: Slow and steady wins the race … in 2008.
18. Cincinnati (6-7) Comeback player Kitna is back for another start.
19. Tampa Bay (5-8) After 0-4 start, Bucs are average team — perfect for NFC.
20. New Orleans (5-8) One win doesn’t put the ‘S’ back on Ain’ts’ chest.
21. Kansas City (5-8) Gunther’s new guys didn’t do much to help beat his old ones.
22. Tennessee (4-9) Drew has surpassed Michael as league’s best Bennett.
23. Detroit (5-8) Lions will keep playing Harrington despite struggles.
24. Dallas (5-8) Like a muppet, Henson has been yanked from No. 2 QB.
25. Chicago (5-8) Urlacher overrated? Tell that to his tight hamstring.
26. Arizona (4-9) Green’s quarterback roulette ruined any playoff hopes.
27. N.Y. Giants (5-8) Eli’s still the guy, which means more losses are on the way.
28. Washington (4-9) Portis discovers NFL is not a red socks fan.
29. Oakland (4-9) Not sure who QB will be in 2005, but kicker is lined up.
30. Cleveland (3-10) 17 yards and a cloud of dust after trampling by Buffalo.
31. Miami (2-11) Dolphins would like to spell “savior” S-A-B-A-N.
32. San Francisco (2-11) If Erickson had left, York wouldn’t have missed him.