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Team Comment
1. Pittsburgh (14-1) Roethlisberger show will be put on pause this week.
2. Philadelphia (13-2) Eagles didn’t do Seahawks or Vikings any favors Monday.
3. New England (13-2) Reward for win in New York? 7-hour bus ride home.
4. Indianapolis (12-3) With TD record, playoff spot, Manning can relax. But will he?
5. San Diego (11-4) This could be the only week Rivers sees the field this season.
6. N.Y. Jets (10-5) Pennington has been written off by some critics.
7. Atlanta (11-4) Mora wants another win, and he will play sore Vick to get it.
8. Buffalo (9-6) Secret to six-game win streak: no-huddle offense.
9. Denver (9-6) For Broncos, it’s win or (playoff) bust this week.
10. Green Bay (9-6) Favre has continued what he and Reggie White started.
11. Baltimore (8-7) Offensive coordinator fingered for late-season fade.
12. Jacksonville (8-7) Jaguars laid a 21-0 egg right in middle of playoff race.
13. Seattle (8-7) Alexander’s building numbers in record and check books.
14. Minnesota (8-7) Tice will coach Vikings next year, but what about next week?
15. Carolina (7-8) For Panthers, playoffs began in November.
16. St. Louis (7-8) Many fans probably would root for Turley vs. Martz.
17. Houston (7-8) From horrible to average in three years. Not bad.
18. Cincinnati (7-8) Bengals have a 50-50 chance of finishing .500 — again.
19. New Orleans (7-8) How bad is the NFC? The Saints are still alive!
20. Kansas City (7-8) Underrated Green has 7 300-yard games, tying team record.
21. Tampa Bay (5-10) Buccaneers’ season was full of big plays — few by Bucs.
22. Detroit (6-9) Is Harrington the QB for Lions? Not even Mariucci knows.
23. Dallas (6-9) Parcells wasted a season he could have used to groom a QB.
24. Chicago (5-10) Lovie probably feels like he’s stuck on Gilligan’s Island.
25. N.Y. Giants (5-10) Seven starts later, Eli’s still looking for first win.
26. Washington (5-10) You sure Spurrier isn’t still coaching this team?
27. Oakland (5-10) Porter will run his final out route for Oakland this week.
28. Arizona (5-10) Even Green couldn’t prevent a sixth straight losing season.
29. Tennessee (4-11) Sternum fixed, McNair can take deep breath, decide future.
30. Miami (4-11) 3-3 as interim boss, Bates deserves to coach Saban’s defense.
31. Cleveland (3-12) Week 1 win over Ravens seems so long ago.
32. San Francisco (2-13) 49ers feel like they’re in Never Never Win Land.