In this week's 'Hard Count' podcast, famed sport agent Leigh Steinberg from Los Angeles and Field of Schemes author Neil deMause from Brooklyn discuss the Seattle arena process and what to watch out for in terms of public contributions as things move forward.

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Famed sports agent Leigh Steinberg joins Geoff from Los Angeles, while “Field of Schemes” author Neil deMause chimes in from Brooklyn on what to watch out for in Seattle’s twisting, turning arena debate.

This week’s headlines:

  1. The Supreme Court delays a decision on whether to hear a New Jersey challenge to federal law banning sports gambling from most states
  2. The San Diego Chargers move to Los Angeles continues to generate controversy
  3. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray plans conference call with NBA and NHL commissioners to discuss KeyArena renovation proposal timeline
  4. City of Seattle issues detailed parking study showing area around KeyArena would be stressed beyond capacity for NBA/NHL unless major actiuon taken
  5. The NFL finally hit the ratings jackpot in Sunday’s two divisional playoff games after missing big the first six post-season contests