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Sodo arena

Who is the council siding with?

The vote on May 2 by the Seattle City Council regarding a proposed Sodo District arena (“Staggering blow to Sodo arena,” May 3) reminds me of the old school dances: girls on one side, boys on the other.

Also, Kshama Sawant claims to want to bring back the Sonics “but I cannot do that on the basis of undermining our working waterfront and good-paying unionized industrial jobs.”

Are these the same well-paid workers who refused to unload containers a few months back and left ships idle in Seattle and Bellingham, leaving merchants unable to get their merchandise?

Darlene DeMaria, Bellingham

Fans need to see bigger picture

The photo of the discouraged fans of the Sonics that you printed on the front page (“Staggering blow to Sodo arena,” May 3) is so telling about so-called fans. The only person in that photo who might be legitimate is the bald guy on the left in the background. Other than that, no one in that photo is old enough to have been a fan of the Sonics.

Maybe their dads told them about the glory years of the Sonics. All of those young fans running around in their Sonics gear lamenting the city not giving outside millionaire business interests our city street and further underwriting their stadium just don’t get it.

The city still has a long way to go if we want to have a spot for a basketball franchise, but it needs to be privately funded and in the right place. But not Sodo. We have a mayor that likes anything that costs money, from basketball to bicycles and expensive police buildings when we apparently can’t afford to hire more officers.

So the basketball fans have an advocate in their corner, but hopefully smarter heads will continue to steer this process.

Ross Budden, Seattle

There has to be another avenue

I am a woman who wants the arena built at Sodo. If we can’t use Occidental Ave., let’s redesign the arena to fit. We need basketball back and hockey also.

How shortsighted are our council members?

Let’s hang in there and proceed as a big-media, sports-minded city.

Judy Lamson, Snoqualmie


An appreciation of the coverage

I’d like to thank The Seattle Times for the increased coverage on women’s basketball recently. I just wish more fans would jump on board and follow the Storm and give them a chance.

The Storm is an exciting team, with three number one picks. If the Mariners can all of a sudden start winning after years of losing, think what the Storm can do. Even the best men’s college basketball coach ever, John Wooden, said late in his life he preferred women’s basketball.

The women’s games are more family friendly and they cost way less than the NBA. And it looks like the Storm will be the only pro basketball team in town for years since the city council keeps voting against a new arena. I’m sure if people give them a chance, they’d love the Storm.

Walter Jines Jr., Seattle

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