Jamal Crawford's Pro-Am league is back with a new name...and free admission.

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First it was Doug Christie’s “All Hoop, No Hype” Pro-Am League. Then there was the Jamal Crawford Pro-Am. And, simply, the Seattle Pro-Am.

Now, with the 2017 season set to tip at noon on Saturday, the last remaining source of professional men’s basketball in Seattle will be known as “The Crawsover,” a play on its namesake’s signature handles (both on the court and on Twitter).

With the new name comes new admission prices. This year, there are…none! Having previously charged $5-10 for adult admission, entry will be free all summer for The Crawsover.

While the league has existed for more than two decades now, it’s come into a renaissance in the decade since the Sonics left town. Crawford’s weekend pickup games can pack gyms and draw thousands — including stars from around the NBA. In the past, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant and many more have made memorable appearances. Those, however, have only been cameos in a league consistently populated by Puget Sound’s finest NBA exports, from Crawford himself to Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley and Spencer Hawes.

The first game of the summer tips off from Seattle Pacific’s Royal Brougham Pavilion at noon, followed by games at 1:30, 3 and 4:30 p.m. The season runs weekly, with the same schedule. Here’s an early breakdown: