CHICAGO (AP) — A food area at the home of the Chicago White Sox now is called La Russa’s Lounge after being named years ago in honor of a woman who sold beer and hot dogs for more than six decades.

Loretta Micele’s family is crying foul after the title of Loretta’s Lounge was changed in favor of Tony La Russa, now the White Sox manager.

The White Sox said the change was made after the 2019 season, long before La Russa returned to the team. The team said no one noticed last year because fans couldn’t attend games.

“Prior to Tony La Russa becoming manager, a space that had been named after La Russa for many seasons was relocated to the current area on the 100 level during the 2020 season,” a team statement said. “Loretta Micele has always been a treasured member of the White Sox family and a plaque in her honor remains in the space to honor her memory despite the name change.”

Micele worked at the old Comiskey Park and the current stadium, which opened in 1991. She died in 2014.

“For them to not even notify us, you know, it’s a shame,” Lou Soto, a great-grandson, said of the name change.

The White Sox said they’re planning to give a replica of the Loretta’s Lounge sign to the family.